If you’re a true coffee drinker, you know that all brews aren’t created equal. Only the best coffee making-professionals understand that customizing a cup to your liking can greatly improve the drinking experience for you.

Maybe you have no idea how to find your perfect cup of coffee. Don’t worry, this beginner-friendly guide will help you figure out which cup of joe makes you glad to be a coffee drinker.

Where Does Coffee Come From?

Typically, coffee from a specific region has a certain flavor note. For instance, traditional coffees from regions like Central America have a reputation for a nuttier taste. They also taste sweet with a chocolate undertone. If you don’t want an acidic brew, Central American coffees may be for you.

South American coffees are usually heavier-bodied and have a fruit and chocolatey flavor to them. Since they’re grown at various altitudes, South American coffees have a myriad of flavors. This means that you can enjoy their unique flavor with this region’s standard thick texture.

Finally, there’s coffee from African regions. African coffees have fruity and floral notes, which makes for a lighter-bodied cup of coffee. Keep in mind, coffee from regions like Kenya and Ethiopia is more acidic than the previously mentioned areas.

What Impacts Its Flavor?

In addition to where the coffee comes from, there are other things to consider when finding the perfect beans. For example, the growing conditions can change the way your coffee tastes. For example, coffee grown in higher temperatures tastes different than coffee grown in lower ones. The same applies to higher altitudes.

If you’re going to the grocery store and don’t have access to this information, you can decide to use the coffee roast. The roast describes how long a green coffee bean has been heated, which leads to varied flavors. Lighter roasts have a milder taste while darker roasts tend to be oily and have bitter notes. So, take these into account when shopping for your ground or whole-bean coffee.

Drinking coffee in the morning can be perfection to the drinker with the right brew, so never put yourself within a one-size-fits-all-coffee box again. With this beginner’s guide to understanding coffee, you have a better grasp on how you find the best cup. So, take this knowledge and find bliss in your cup of joe, whether you’re at home or the café.

Where Should You Buy Coffee?

While various kinds of coffee are available in nearly any store, it’s important to note that only a few locations will have access to the quality ingredients needed to make the perfect cup. Consider what you like in a cup of coffee, then look for reputable coffee shops such as Gravity Coffee Company. Once you find a quality shop, you can try different types of coffee until you find one that suits your particular tastes.

Finding the perfect cup of coffee can be difficult with so many options available. However, once you have identified your specific preferences and have located a shop that provides excellent coffee, it will not be long until you find exactly what you are looking for.

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