Portrait of a Hispanic influencer holding a sign and announcing a product giveaway to her social media audience

You might think that it’s going to be difficult to let people know about your business, but there are some techniques that grab people’s attention so much that they’re almost sure to bring in business. When you’re looking for the most eye-catching techniques for getting the word out about your business, look to these tactics.

Partner With Other Businesses

When you’re trying to get the word about your business in front of a larger audience, partnering with a business in a related field can be a successful way to get your business in front of a larger crowd. For instance, if you have a florist shop, you might partner with the local chocolate company around Valentine’s Day and the tuxedo rental store around the time that high schools are having their proms.

Run a Giveaway

If you have a newer business that you just want people to be aware of, running a giveaway is a great way to let people know that you’re there and have generally positive impressions of your company. You could partner with a radio station to announce the giveaway, or you could run the giveaway at a larger local event, such as a local fair, by having your own tent.

Backlit Displays

When you want the displays that you use to look professional and really pop, backlit displays are a great option. A custom backlit exhibit booth displays all of your favorite images and text in a way that’s easy to see. They come as backlit banner stands, animated lightboxes, hanging lightboxes, and many other forms that work in a variety of spaces. They’re great for trade shows as a way of showcasing some of your best products.

Create a Groupon Deal

Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a great deal, especially on opportunities they might not have felt sure of in the first place. If you want to bring in business, Groupons are a great way to let people try one of your products or services at a discounted price and establish a relationship with new potential customers. Lots of people are interested in saving money, and if you can cut off 30% or more, you can appeal to a lot of people who might normally pass on what you have to offer.

Whenever you’re interested in highlighting your business and what it can offer other people, you need to look at creative ways that you can put the image of your brand in people’s minds when they think about the services or products you offer. This could mean finding unique and entertaining methods of advertising, running special promotions or discounts, or partnering with other businesses to help get the word out. There are many techniques that businesses use to ensure that as many people as possible learn more about what they have to offer, but new businesses especially should consider bold techniques so that people notice and remember their names.