Taking care of your personal property is something that most do without reminders. The lawn is either on a trimming schedule with a paid lawn crew or done by the homeowners. Many homeowners have contracts to cover washing machines, dryers, and other appliance failures. In addition, many families have a regular cleaning schedule that includes vacuuming floors, mopping, dusting, and keeping their homes clean. As one of our main assets, we should work hard to keep up our cars. Continue reading to learn some tips for keeping your family car in good shape and why these services are essential.

Regardless of where you travel in your car, the worst thing that can happen is that your car breaks down and stops running midway. When that happens, many people either find themselves stranded on the side of the road or have to push their car. Worse, tracking down roadside service can be expensive and takes a long time to get assistance. That is why keeping your vehicle in good shape is essential. The list below is a guide of ways to keep your car in good condition.

Stay on Top of Scheduled Maintenance

All vehicles come with a maintenance schedule. It is usually calculated by months or by mileage. For instance, the dealer will tell you to bring your car in for fluid changes every three months or every 36,000 miles. Experts know how much a car can take before those services need to be completed. Therefore, you must follow their recommendations.

Understand Charts

Your car will come with a book explaining the ins and outs of your car. These books and other tools often don’t get looked at unless something is broken. However, make sure that you understand things like the air tool consumption chart to know the minimum and maximum amounts of air that your car needs to run correctly.

Fill with Gas Before The Tank is Empty

It is no secret that gas is expensive. Sometimes it is hard to keep your tank full of gas. However, if your goal is to keep your car in good shape, it is crucial that you not let your gas tank get too low. One reason is that running your tank on low leaves is exposed to air, making the pump suck in air that generates heat. When that happens too often, it decreases the life of your fuel pump. Also, when you let your gas tank run too low, it leaves room for sediment, which is harmful when it builds up in your tank.

Wax Regularly

Although the outside of your car has little to do with how well it runs, keeping the exterior of your vehicle waxed helps maintain the value of your vehicle up. Keeping the exterior nice will come in handy if your car is involved in an accident and needs to get appraised. In addition to looking at the mileage, the interior of your car, and other factors, they will also look at the condition of the car’s exterior.

Have a Trash Bag Handy

If you have a family and travel together in your car, undoubtedly, you will be creating trash. It may be stopping for fast food or the wrapper from a snack after soccer practice. There will be trash. Therefore, keeping a trash bag in your car so that your vehicle doesn’t become a dump is essential.

Check the Transmission Oil

If this list were in order of importance, this item would be closer to the top or at the top. As a significant component of a properly running car, your transmission must be in good condition for your vehicle to run. Therefore, understanding when and how to check the transmission oil. It is essential to know the levels, colors, and even the scent of your transmission oil to keep your car running correctly.

Protect Your Car From Weather

If you have access to a garage, keeping your car protected from the weather will increase the life of your vehicle. In the winter, the cold weather and salt for the road can increase the risk of rust on your car. That is why keeping your vehicle in a garage or covered during snowy weather will also keep your family’s car in good shape.


As you can see from the guide above, keeping your family vehicle in great condition is important. Taking some of the steps outlined will help with that mission.