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If you have just bought yourself a house you might be thinking long term and wondering what you can do to increase the asking price when it comes to selling it. Truth is, a home is an investment and you don’t want to make a loss on it in the future. If you look after it and make no improvements you may break even. However, if you make some cost-effective changes and additions then you are more likely to sell it for a much greater price. 

Here are some ways you can add value to your property. 

Loft Conversion

Believe it or not, a loft conversion that offers the right amount of space can add around 20% to the asking price of your property. If you have purchased a home with fewer bedrooms than you need then a loft conversion is the way to go. 

Extra bedrooms will push the cost of homes up so if you can get a 2 bedroom cheaper than a three-bedroom for example you may as well buy the cheaper one. Loft conversions do not cost as much as extra bedrooms so it is much more cost-effective to do it that way. 

Even if you don’t need the extra bedroom a loft conversion is still a great idea. They can be used for absolutely anything including man caves and playrooms.

Kitchen Refit

A kitchen remodel can add a whopping 50% to the value of your home. If you move into a home and the kitchen is looking a bit tired and dreary then a kitchen refit can give it the uplift it needs. Replacing the cupboards and units can make it look like a brand new kitchen, a place where you actually want to spend time. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it needs to be a useful place. If you can’t do anything in your kitchen then there is no real point in having one. A kitchen needs to be suitable for the user and everyone is different. 

Go and visit kitchen showrooms to see what you like the look and feel of. If you don’t feel like you can fit it yourself then the company you buy it from will have this option available. 

Bathroom Remodel 

Bathroom remodels are very similar to kitchen refits and can add a total of 50% to the total value of your home. Bathrooms need to be practical and if you are a family that prefers baths to showers then this may be something you need. You may have bought your home with just a shower or bath and need the other. Adding these can improve the value of your home. Better yet having both options will mean you are more likely to get the higher end of the value. 

Take a look around bathroom showrooms to see what suits your needs most. The workers will be able to give you advice on how to install them or be able to get a contractor to install them for you. 

Make sure that any contractor you use for installations has the necessary paperwork and insurance in place. Contractor insurance gives them all the cover they need to protect you and them whilst working in your home. 

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Go Green

Green elements are something that a lot of buyers will look for when buying a home these days. It is important to people that you look after the planet. If you are doing your thing for the environment then they will be much more eager to buy your home. Having solar panels on your home can reduce your energy bills. In fact, they can be reduced by up to 40% annually. It may not seem like a lot but over the course of the years it all adds up. 

Make sure you use a reputable company when shopping around as they need to be installed correctly. Ensure you google the company you want to use or ask friends and family who they have used for installations. 

Open Plan

Finally, it is worth mentioning open plan living. Open plan living may not add to the value of your home, however, it could help to sell it. Open plan living is great for families and if families are looking at your home then they may be interested in the open-plan arrangement. 

Converting your home to open plan is pretty simple, it just involves knocking a few walls out and making sure your home is structurally sound. Being able to see family members while preparing meals or chilling in the living room makes people feel more at ease. 

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