a woman singing while holding the microphone

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Life without music – it’s not a life at all. How would you sing? How would you dance? How would you know the best jingles from TV that have ever existed? Music defines life for many and it’s very hard to try and enjoy life without soul and a beat injected into it. You hear music wherever you go in any time of life, and whether you are commuting to work or you’re working out, music is the noise that motivates you in the background. You have to surround yourself with music to feel that flowing through life and one of the ways that you can do it is when you learn to play an instrument of your own. 

Trying to imagine life without a beat? Not possible, is it? There are so many hobbies out there that bring joy to people in life, whether you want to buy the best boom microphone and learn how to make your own movies or it’s music you want to surround yourself in. You need a hobby and playing an instrument could be the hobby you need that gives you freedom to do more for yourself. Of all the amazing hobbies out there in the world, why should you start looking at playing an instrument? 

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  1. It’s a form of stress relief. Playing an instrument and immersing yourself in the music of that instrument is going to be a life changing experience for you. There are plenty of studies to show that playing an instrument is one of the best ways that you can lower your heart rate and feel good about yourself. It’s going to bring comfort and it helps you to channel all of your energy and thinking into what you’re doing at that moment. Playing an instrument is the stress relief that you didn’t know you needed.
  2. You will be much smarter when you play an instrument. Believe it or not, those who play an instrument are actually smarter than those who don’t. There has been a lot of research to show that those who learn to play an instrument do better in academic learning than others. Reasoning skills and problem solving skills are enhanced when learning to play an instrument, and these are skills that carry through life, too.
  3. You’ll build your confidence. Is there really anything better than learning your way around something that feels impossible? Reading music is hard, and maneuvering to play a piano or a guitar is just as hard. However, when you develop the skills that you need to play an instrument yourself, you will get better at it and you’ll build your confidence as a result. 
  4. You get to learn skills like patience. It takes time to learn an instrument. Some people put years into their musical education and it’s a daily effort to practice and have patience for the process. With musicians going through years of regular practice, it takes time to hone their new skill that means learning how to be patient and manage that new skill with ease. Getting through progressively more difficult musical pieces will help you to reach out to other areas in your life, too. 
  5. You will love it. Imagine pouring out all of your stress and worry into your ability to learn a new instrument? Most people don’t see it that way. Falling in love with a new sound takes time and when you choose to learn a new instrument, you can ensure that you are doing something you feel passionate about. You need to be able to feel like you are loving what you do and this is a hobby that allows you to fall in love with something new. 

Image Source: Pexels

  1. You get to be more creative. When you’re stuck in everyday routines, you can easily lose touch with your creative side. It’s so hard to feel motivated when you aren’t seeing something develop and when you play an instrument, you can eventually start writing your own music. Your brain ends up feeling more inspired and this can help you to foster creativity.
  2. You’re going to improve your memory. The more you do something, the more it sinks into your head. Music and memory go hand in hand and help you to boost your brain power. You can really improve your memory when you choose music as your method. There is plenty of research supporting that learning an instrument at an early age is going to help them to stimulate different areas of the brain. Music education is intrinsically linked to the brain and the stimulating patterns that appear within it. It’s linked to better memory because the more you learn, the more you remember!
  3. You are going to learn how to be more disciplined. It takes a lot of effort and focus to learn how to play a new instrument. Exposing yourself to learning how to play a new instrument is going to help you to hone your natural curiosity and gives you a way to stick to something entirely new. You’re going to be going to scheduled classes and this will help you to feel as if you are doing more for your personal development, too.
  4. You will feel as if you’ve achieved something. There are different levels of learning to play an instrument and when you learn how to play one, you are going to feel a whole new level of achievement. You will be proud of yourself for learning something difficult and conquering it and this leads to a huge feeling of satisfaction that you really cannot get anywhere else. 
  5. Learning to play is fun. You can do it in groups or you can do it one to one; either way, you’re going to have fun learning how to play a musical instrument. There’s a joy that comes with learning how to tackle what feels impossible and you can really feel peace and fulfillment when you finally have that ‘eureka’ moment – which won’t take long if you’re dedicated!