How to Grow Your Website Traffic Organically

Before you spend anything out of your advertising budget, it may be worthwhile to consider how you can drive more traffic to your website through organic means. This will help you increase your conversion rates by ensuring the increased visitors to your website have interests in your business and products. You’ll also enjoy more return visitors who have a deeper interest in your industry and in the type of content you produce.

Use Your Blog

Boosting organic traffic to your site requires you to increase web presence since this will help consumers become more familiar with your brand. The best way to do this is to regularly create new content for your blog. In writing a blog post, ensure it’s relevant to your business and answers a question for your consumers. Each blog post should also contain keyword phrases that will be searched by users who are looking for the types of products you sell. 

If you sell sports equipment, you might write a post about how to choose golf clubs. In that post, the keyword phrase “best golf clubs” should appear in the title of your post, one subheading, and in the first 100 words of text. This will help that post rank higher in results for searches for golf clubs. As a result, people interested in buying golf clubs will be directed to your website first.

Stay Active on Social Media

There are many different ways you can be active in social media, and doing so will help you grow brand recognition for your business. More importantly, you can use your social media posts to drive more traffic to your external website. To get started, you should be joining groups and following pages that are relevant to your industry or business. As you comment on posts in those groups or pages, other people in those groups will take an interest in your page. This will help you grow a social media following. 

To turn that following into website visitors, you must post original and interesting content on your page. Each post should end with a call to action that will encourage your followers to click on the link to your website. The best method for doing this is to link to a blog post that’s relevant to the social media content in the post. This will drive users to your site to learn more about the topic.

Write Guest Posts

Look for other websites that are related to your type of business. This doesn’t necessarily mean reaching out to a direct competitor, but you should look for businesses that provide related products or services. For example, if you sell hair care products, reach out to a hairdressing business. You can each write blog posts for one another on topics related to hair care. As a result, you’ll gain access to each other’s online followers. Through consistent guest posting in this manner, you can consistently boost your followers and your website visitors. One of the best ways of using this tactic is to go on a guest blogging tour, which involves lining up multiple opportunities to feature your content on the blogs for other businesses. Just be sure that your guest posts all end with a call to action that will encourage readers to visit your own blog.

Give Something Back

Another very effective strategy for increasing web traffic is to give something back to consumers who are interested in your products. Raffle off free gifts to consumers. You might offer to donate the money generated from the sale of raffle tickets to a charity that’s important to you. In addition to increasing interest in your business, you’ll generate a more positive brand image for your company. 

Another idea is to ask your customers to submit pictures or videos of themselves using your products. The most imaginative or the funniest submission will win a prize. Any type of giveaway will drive more traffic to your website as consumers take an interest in joining the contest, raffle, or giveaway. Once they are visiting your site, your blog content and eCommerce store may grab their attention.

Even after you start using paid digital marketing services, you should continue to look for ways to increase web traffic organically. Combining these practices with a paid marketing campaign can help you enjoy a greater return on your advertising investment. You’ll also grow your business consistently by staying engaged with online consumers.