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The safety and security of a workplace are essential to keep the staff safe, which will enhance their wellbeing, and also protect your data and assets. Should a business become compromised, it could lack the protection of employees personal data as well as hinder the businesses finances. 

Therefore, it is essential to take the right safety measures in order to protect your business. On that note, here are the best measures to take for any size of business.

Get a risk assessment

Although you might think that your business is pretty risk-free due to having good training and safety measures in place, there could still be some potential risks that are hindering the safety of your business. 

You can get the best risk assessments by using health and safety consultants who can ensure that your regulations are fit for your staff and your workplace in order to attain the best level of safety. 

As a result of the risk assessment, you will be informed on what measures to take in order to improve the health and safety of your business.

Security systems

Seeing as there are many different forms of security systems, there are plenty to choose from to satisfy the needs of your business. For instance, should your business be remote, you might need more computer and data security over camera surveillance. Therefore, you can utilise security systems such as:

  • Two-factor authentication: a two-factor authentication system requires two devices to log in to an account. For example, if you want to login to your computer that has two-factor authentication installed, you might need to verify a code or offer login access from your mobile phone too. This acts as a double layer of security for your devices, which will reduce the risk of hackers.
  • Find my device programs: should your devices get stolen or misplaced, you can use find my device programs to locate your device and track it down. Should you leave your laptop behind at a coffee shop or your mobile gets stolen, you can track the device using yours or any other connected device in order to get it back.

Whereas if you are a business that uses an office or other workspace, you will want added layers of security to protect its perimeter. For example, installing CCTV cameras around the building will ensure that you can keep an eye on the workplace throughout the day and night. Likewise, you can record the surveillance to use in case something does happen in or near your workplace. Other security systems/measures you can take for heightening your workplace’s security include:

  • Alarms: alarms can sound should an intruder tamper with doors or windows, which can alert you or the police to get to the workplace immediately and catch the intruders.
  • Double locks: double locks work like two-factor authentication, they act as a double layer, which makes intrusion much harder.
  • Fob entry only: making your workplace fob entry only will ensure that only staff members, that have a fob, can access the building. 

Fire safety 

No matter what type of business you run, it is possible to be vulnerable to fire hazards. Therefore, it is important for all sizes and types of businesses to have the right fire safety measures. 

These include:

  • Fire doors: fire doors will work to keep the fire within one place. They can prevent the spread of fire and make it easier to control.
  • Fire alarms: fire alarms will detect a hazard and inform the building immediately so that it can be controlled and everyone can exit in an orderly fashion to a safe place.
  • Fire exits: clearly labelled fire exits will ensure that all members of the team can exit the building in the safest way possible.
  • Smoke detectors: smoke detectors are essential for fire alarms in order to detect smoke and set them off.
  • Fire extinguishers: to control the fire yourself, if it is small and safe to do so, fire extinguishers around the workplace will ensure that everyone can have access to one should they need to use one in the event of a fire.

Disabled access

Whether or not your team includes disabled employees, having disabled access is important for any company. You might need it for customers or clients. Without it, your workspace might not be accessible for everyone. 

Having step-free access to the workspace will ensure that anyone and everyone can easily get in and out of your workspace. This is essential for instances of fire or needs to quickly exit the building. 

Staff training

In order to assure that the staff understand the safety measures and rules, it is important to train all staff accordingly. Staff training should be offered to all members of the team as soon as they join. 

Likewise, when rules and regulations update or change, it is important to re-train staff so that everyone knows the modern methods. 

Open staff discussions

Health and safety also involve mental health as much as it does physical health. Therefore, it is important to have the right measures in order to increase and maintain wellbeing in the workspace. 

Improved mental health is often most achievable with open staff discussions. Being open and offering people support will ensure that each member of the team has someone to turn to when they are feeling stressed or low. Being able to talk will ensure that problems can be resolved and staff can attain a positive mindset in the workspace and at home. 

Asking your colleagues questions can simply help them open up and get things off of their chest. Likewise, being a manager that offers support and time to those that need some advice will ensure that employees can feel relaxed and able to open up about their mental health at work. 

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Using this guide you will be able to attain a safer environment at work. Simply training staff and getting regular risk assessments will heighten its safety and security, which will keep your employees and your workspace as safe as possible.