Pain is an inevitable experience in life, and it often occurs due to various challenges. It can be an accident, a life-threatening disease, or even the loss of a loved one. While the pain will likely occur at some point in life, you can use measures to control such an issue. Fortunately, this guide looks at five medicine free ways of managing daily pain.


Meditation involves working on your ability to focus your mental energy on the right thoughts. A large portion of the pain people experience is often due to negative thoughts. Meditation allows one to focus their mental energy on positive aspects of life. 


Acupuncture is an age-old technique that people have been using for controlling pain. However, researchers have also shown that acupuncture also works well to target pain control issues. The method involves targeting specific pressure points that exist in the body. The process involves specialized pins to release energy and promote the flow of blood. Both these processes are crucial for pain control applications.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is also a powerful resource one can use to escape their current reality. VR involves using specialized gear to get to a simulated environment. The simulated environment can include various pleasure-producing contexts and situations. While it’s still a relatively new form of technology, VR is increasingly important for pain control purposes. Talk to your doctor to see if trying to manage pain with virtual reality is a good option for you. 


Hypnosis is also another proven technique one can use for pain control purposes. Hypnosis involves triggering a specialized state of mind experts refer to as a trance. Once the individual is in a trance, the practitioner can give suggestions that help the individual manage their pain. There are also various specialized hypnosis techniques that one can use to manage pain specifically.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the substance that causes one to get high. Instead, it has medical compounds experts refer to as cannabinoids. These chemicals help to battle the presence of pain-producing substances that are in the body. Cannabinoids also help target the pleasure centers in the body, making them ideal for pain control. Medical marijuana is so effective that researchers have recommended it for people with cancer.

As you have seen, the pain control process is possible when you have the right solutions and measures. The key to success with these pain control techniques is in using them correctly.