The essence of homeopathy is that like cures like. Drinking hot soup or tea when you have a fever is based on homeopathic principles. Using a product to encourage you to sneeze when your sinuses are inflamed is also homeopathic in origin. If you struggle with any chronic health condition, keeping some homeopathic products in-house can help you manage the condition on your own.

Arnica, Edible or Cream

Arnica in any form will boost white cell activity. Edible arnica can be taken in a pill or a pellet; consider taking it with food to experiment with the dosage to avoid stomach upset. Carefully monitor the condition of the inflamed site for 24 hours after taking your edible arnica dosage to avoid any risk of a serious bleed under the skin. If you notice a deep burgundy discoloration, a lot of swelling, or a bulge at the injury, back off the edible arnica until the injury stabilizes.

Cream-based arnica can be put on any injury that doesn’t include broken skin. Post-surgical inflammation should not be treated with arnica cream until the incision is completely healed.


Chamomile promotes natural healing for everyone from infants to the elderly. If your baby is colicky, struggling with sore gums from teething, or suffering other upsets that can’t be determined, chamomile products in a warm organic tea form may be beneficial. Instead of numbing agents for sore gums, natural chamomile can be a lot safer. Make sure to discuss your plans with our pediatrician. Of course, don’t introduce chamomile to any infant under six months old.

Many of us suffer from respiratory allergies and the unpleasant extension from this can be irritation and inflammation around the eyes, redness under the nose, or chapping around the mouth and on the cheeks. Allowing the steam from a hot cup of chamomile tea to work on your inflamed tissue can do a lot to soothe this allergic response.

Nux Vomica

There’s a lot of information floating around about ways to cleanse your gut and your blood. Homeopathic remedies also offer us the chance to purge and shed toxins. Nux vomica is one of the products that can assist you in shedding mood-altering substances, depressives such as alcohol, and other products that we use to excess. If you have a history of anorexia or bulimia, nux vomica should be avoided. However, if you occasionally eat junk food to excess, this product can help you to cleanse your system.

Nux vomica is generally taken as a dissolvable tablet prior to eating. However, the timing of your dosage is highly personalized. If you struggle with heartburn and nausea overnight, you may consider taking a small dose before bed to see if it will help you control the pain of stomach upset. Consider following your dose with plenty of water to stay hydrated; should you find yourself in a purge state, you can protect your liver, kidneys, and gut by taking in more water.

Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum perforatum can be highly beneficial for those who struggle with

  • migraine
  • nerve pain
  • muscle spasms due to nerve damage

This vegetable-based nerve pain management homeopathic medication can be taken under the tongue in a dissolvable tablet or pellet. Like any homeopathic medication, this product should be tracked so you can monitor yourself for any side effects. Hypericum perforatum is also known as St. John’s Wort and can lead to dry mouth and dizziness. Be ready to back off your dosage if you notice that your dosage goes further than the pain relief you’re seeking.

Sarsaparilla officinalis

Sasparilla sodas and candy used to be given as a way to soothe an irritated tummy or an inflamed esophagus. If you struggle with the skin inflammation known as rosacea, sarsaparilla officinalis can protect you from the thickened skin that builds up over time.

If you find that certain foods or alcoholic beverages increase your inflammation, consider alternating between a small dose of a sarsaparilla officinalis as a topical on the inflamed skin and a single pellet of nux vomica to help your body shed the source of inflammation.

Keeping your body safe and whole can be easier with knowledge of homeopathic remedies. If you find that the proper diet, healthy hydration, and a logical level of exercise are not enough to keep your body in proper alignment, a conversation with a homeopathic specialist may be exactly what you need.