If your dog has developed an annoying habit like scratching or licking themselves too much, chances are there’s more going on than a bad habit. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to address this issue and try to figure out why your dog is scratching so often. Read on to learn what may be causing your dog’s constant scratching.


Is your dog anxious about something, such as other animals or loud noises? It’s possible they simply can’t stop scratching because they’re anxious about it. The key to helping your dog stop is to try to figure out what causes their anxiety and then work on alleviating that source of stress.

Skin Condition

When a dog has a skin condition, scratching is often one of its primary ways to relieve it. Whether your dog has dry skin or is experiencing a rash, it’s important to get treatment as soon as possible. Visit your dog’s veterinarian to learn more about what you can do to help your dog stop the itch. In addition to seeing a vet, regular, proper grooming can help keep a dog’s coat healthy and disease-free.


Fleas can make even a well-groomed dog appear as if they’ve gone unwashed for days. Fleas tend to attack your pet at night, leaving behind itchy red bites on its coat. If your dog scratches itself incessantly or loses fur in patches, these could be signs of fleas.

To treat fleas, use a daily product that kills fleas at all stages of development (eggs and larvae as well as adult fleas). At least once per month (and every two weeks during warmer months), use a topical treatment like Frontline or Advantage to kill adult fleas before they lay eggs.


One of the most common reasons dogs keep scratching themselves is that they have allergies. The causes for pet allergies include food, dust mites, fleas, mold, and other indoor allergens. The best way to help a dog who is constantly itching due to allergies is to alter its diet by removing high-allergen foods such as beef, chicken, dairy products, and eggs.

At home, you can also do your part by keeping your pet free from fleas and bathing them in water with anti-dandruff shampoo. If allergies are severe enough you might even want to take your dog to see a vet or try out allergy shots so they can live more comfortably without itching so often.

If your dog is constantly scratching, it’s better to take action sooner than later. Keep this information in mind to help keep your dog itch-free.