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If you are considering replacing your garage door, you may be wondering whether or not it is worth getting one with windows. A modern garage door will add to the aesthetics of your home while adding value to the property, and garage door windows are a popular option to consider. Windows can add more natural light, additional ventilation, and even make your garage safer. Let’s look at some of the main pros and cons of garage door windows. 

Pro: Improved Aesthetics

While a garage door without windows can look just as good at your home, windows can improve the aesthetics by breaking up the monotony of solid panels and providing more interest to a garage door that might be boring otherwise. Windows can be used to make sure that the garage door ties in well with the rest of the home. San Jose Garage Door Doctor is a locally owned company that can replace your current garage door to one with windows. They also offer a range of garage door repair services and can help with choosing the right garage door for you. 

Pro: Increased Property Value 

A new and updated garage door with windows can seriously enhance your home’s curb appeal, which could result in your home’s value rising. Windows in garage doors are often seen as an added bonus that could give your property a boost if you are trying to sell it. 

Pro: Convenient Range of Design Choices

When it comes to choosing a garage door with windows, the windows can be easily created in your garage door with a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from, with something to suit everybody’s preferences and to match every home. There are lots of different sizes, styles, and shapes of garage door windows that you can choose from to get the perfect one for you. 

Con: Potential Security Threat

While garage door windows can increase the aesthetics of your home, they could pose a potential security threat, especially if it is easy for would-be thieves to see through the windows and into the garage to get a better look at what you are storing in there. However, privacy windows for garages are available that cannot be seen through, if you want an option that doesn’t put your belongings on show. However, bear in mind that garage windows could be broken, which could reduce the overall security of your garage

Con: Increased Heat Transfer

If the garage is attached to your home, garage door windows could reduce your home’s ability to cool at night, by increasing the heat transfer through the garage door rather than through the garage walls or ceiling. Along with this, they might also lead to more heat leaving your home through the windows when you have the heating system on, which could increase your energy bills. To avoid this, make sure that you go with double-glazed windows that are well-sealed. 

If you’re getting a new garage door, whether or not to add windows might be something you’ve considered. There are both pros and cons to think about, but windows are a popular option since they look great.