Do you have an imaginative child? Allowing them to explore different types of art is the best way to foster their artistic side. These are low-cost, enjoyable, and simple projects. The best part is that you can tailor them to a child’s age. So, whether you need a project for a baby, a preschooler, or an elementary student, the list below has something for you.

Painting on Canvas

This is a traditional, popular art form that children of all ages enjoy. You can assist them in creating their masterpiece by providing acrylic paint and various sized brushes. Depending on the child’s age, use firm, smooth paper or canvas. Make sure you have enough paint in a variety of colors and let them loose. They’ll adore the vibrant colors, smudges, and textures they can produce.

Glitter Slime

This activity is suitable for children aged 5 to 10. You’ll need a half-and-half white glue/water solution, liquid watercolor paint, glitter, borax powder (dishwashing soap), and food coloring.

Allow them to combine these ingredients in an empty large jar or bucket and set it aside overnight with the lid tightly closed. The most exciting part is when they open the jar the next day and see how it has transformed into slime.

Paper Plate Art

Children of this age group are eager to try new things. You might get surprised at what your child comes up with if you let them use their imagination when selecting materials for painting on paper plates.

You can also give them some construction paper or magazine cutouts to paste on the plate before painting. This will make it more enjoyable for them and extend their learning experience by simply creating art with paints on paper plates.

Egg Carton Art

Egg cartons are excellent, low-cost materials for arts and crafts projects for children of all ages. You can use them to make various art, including painting on individual egg cups with markers or crayons.

They can also create a collage out of cut-up egg cartons. You might also consider other items in your kitchen that you never thought you could use for ideas. They include cereal boxes, oatmeal boxes, and paper towel rolls.

Popsicle Stick Crafts

Popsicle sticks make excellent craft materials because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Creating an artistic masterpiece is simple when arranging popsicle sticks of various sizes in the desired shape. Your child can then paint or color them. You can glue them together to form a three-dimensional shape.

Tissue Paper Crafts

By gluing different colored tissue paper pieces on an index card, you can make a mosaic butterfly. You can also give your child oil pastels and have them draw simple shapes like stars, hearts, or circles on white construction paper. Then have them use a paintbrush to apply glue to layers of tissue paper over the shapes. Please take a look at how they turn it into beautiful images.

Glitter Globe

Because it combines painting and construction, this is a great art project for kids. It’s also not too difficult to make, and the result will be a fantastic decoration piece for any room in your home. You can make it with items you already have around the house, such as empty milk cartons, glue sticks, paintbrushes, yarn or ribbon for hanging, and a variety of colors of paint.

Paper Bag Puppets

If your child enjoys playing with puppets, this is an excellent project for them because they will be able to build their puppet theater. They can do this by drawing on the paper bag and gluing pictures or words related to the show.

You can also make your simple puppets to act out stories with by cutting poster board into the desired shapes. To get started, add some googly eyes, yarn for hair, and craft glue.

Flower Pens

This is an excellent activity for children of all ages. They can decorate their favorite flower pots with crayons, paper plates, and watercolor paints. They have to paint different colors on paper plates and allow them to dry before cutting out petals to glue on top of the crayon shapes. You can also add color by gluing some ribbon or yarn around the outside edge.

Bottom Line

With these fine arts and crafts ideas for kids, you can create your craft projects. They are enjoyable, simple-to-use materials that you can use in a variety of ways. Kids will have a great time creating masterpieces that they can display or give as gifts to their family members. Before embarking on one of these projects, you may want to consider other items you never thought you could use, such as cereal boxes, oatmeal boxes, and so on.