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There is no need to avoid church because you have young children. They can come with you and develop a strong moral and spiritual foundation along with the adults in your family. Many people fear their children will not act perfect, which is true, but they can behave and have a good experience. Below are some tips you can use when it comes to attending church with younger kids.


Sometimes children will become hungry, leading to agitation and disruptive behavior. Instead of ignoring the issue, it would be best to carry snacks in your purse or a small bag, allowing your child something to eat until the service is over and she can consume a larger meal. Some of the best snacks to take children include crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, or trail mix. It is essential to limit the number of snacks you give to your child, to reduce the risk of an upset stomach or the need to use the restroom.

Headphones and Tablets

If your kids are disrupting the experience of those around you, you may want to distract them. They can even watch television during the service, as long as the activity is quiet and discreet. For instance, taking headphones and a tablet or another web-enabled device to church gives your children the opportunity to watch their favorite shows or movies quickly. To eliminate loud noises and other distractions, monitor the headphone cord to ensure it remains inside the device at all times; if they are wireless, check the connection periodically.

Online Services

Churches that offer online options can be the perfect choice for parents with young children, especially those adults who work chaotic hours during the week but don’t want to miss services. Church online live gives you the ability to attend service without worrying how your children will react all day. You all can spend your time taking in the spiritual scriptures, vocal songs from the choirs, and the actual sermons via the internet.

Short Breaks

There is nothing wrong with getting up to take your child out of the church sanctuary for a quick break or walk. You can allow them to get a drink of water, use the restroom, or walk around and exert some energy. It would be best to conduct this break before the actual service; instead, try to take the breaks during other church activities, such as the choir singing or announcements readings. This is the type of compromise that could keep your child in good behavior.

When it’s time for church, please use the tips mentioned above to ensure you and your child can have a good spiritual experience.