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In-store promotions can help you to boost sales, bring in new customers, and get customers to return to your store. They’re a great way to get people’s attention and encourage them to take an interest in your products. Your brick-and-mortar store provides space for you to use for various displays and visual promotions, and you can also advertise certain promotions online or using direct mail and flyers to get people to come into the store. You can use various methods of in-store promotion to encourage people to come in and see what you have to offer, as well as spend more when they visit.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations can offer something interesting for your customers to watch. They can see the benefit of the products that you have to offer and gain an in-depth understanding of how they work. A product demonstration could be a live event, which you invite your customers to come and watch at a specific time. It could also be a virtual experience, allowing customers to watch a product demonstration on a screen. You might run product demonstrations at the same time as offering a discount or promotion on the product itself to make the prospect of buying it more tempting.

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Seasonal Products and Offers

During different holidays and when the seasons change, it’s a good idea to think of some of the seasonal promotions and offers that you could provide. You might have seasonal products that make sense for the time of year. That could include a clothing store switching to their winter range or it might mean something like a coffee shop offering a special Halloween latte. Seasonal offers and sales can be a good idea too, whether it’s a holiday discount sale or an offer on some seasonal products that everyone is looking for.

Printed Materials

Printed materials can be used for in-store promotions in several ways. You could print a store catalog or magazine that people can take home and browse. By creating custom size flyers you could provide your customers with information about your latest product range. You could also put up posters advertising your latest offers around the store so your customers know what’s available and where to find things. Printed materials are also good for direct mail and flyering, encouraging people to come into your store. Include vouchers or tell people about your current promotions to get them to come and see you.

In-Store Events

Running in-store events can be a great way to attract people to your store, and they can take on many forms. You could put on an event that’s about meeting the people behind the things that you sell. That can mean having a book reading or signing from an author if you run a bookstore or perhaps having the local craftspeople who make your products come and speak to people in the store. You could have performers or other entertainment that brings people in too. Your events could be free or ticketed, depending on demand and whether you want to make a profit.

Loyalty Programs/Rewards

If you want to encourage your customers to keep coming back, a loyalty program or promotion is a great option. When they get rewarded for being repeat customers, they’ll be more inclined to keep coming back. Reward programs and promotions can work for all types of businesses. You might offer a free item or a discount after a certain number of purchases. Or you could even get a reward program set up so that customers can collect points that they can later redeem. This could mean they get a card to use when they make purchases or an app on their phone.

Competitions and Giveaways

Running a competition or giveaway can encourage people into your store. A giveaway could be something that all customers are entered into if they leave their contact details. Or it could be something that they can win if they fill in a survey or visit your website. You could print a link on receipts so they can visit your website or download your app. A competition could also be something that customers enter in the store. Maybe you could ask them to submit something creative or play a game for a chance to win a prize.

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Charity In-Store

Doing something charitable in your store can promote your business while also doing good for someone else. There are several ways you could run a promotion in your store relating to charity or allow a charity or nonprofit to raise funds using your space. You could have someone in your store doing something for charity and people could leave donations for them. Your registers could have collection tins for people to donate or you could offer the option of rounding up purchases or adding a donation for each transaction.

Sales and Discounts

There are various sales and discounts that you can offer in your store to help increase your sales. You might offer a percentage discount on some of your products or even across your store. You could also use offers such as “buy one, get one free”, “get the second item half-price” or even offering the cheapest item in a transaction for free. These things can be advertised across your store to encourage customers to shop and to return on later occasions too.


It’s not always an “in-store” promotion, but a pop-up store or installation can be a great way to drum up more business. A pop-up involves setting up a small, temporary store, which can be used to promote your business and try out new concepts. There are lots of places you could set up a pop-up, including in your own store or in other retail locations. You can even take a pop-up on the road and visit multiple places to promote your business in different locations.

In-store promotions help you to grow your sales and keep customers coming back to your store. Give them incentives to spend their money and spend more time in your store.

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