Maramures, Romania - December 03, 2016: A typical wooden house in the Maramures region of Romania during the winter.

Keeping your country home warm during winter doesn’t mean you have to crank up your heater and raise your heating bill. Country homes often don’t have high-tech, expensive HVAC systems as more modern homes you find in the city.

But regardless of your heating system, there are ways to keep your country home warm during winter without raising your utility bills. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to a warmer country home and lower heating bills.

Stop the Drafts

Cold air entering your home can drastically lower the inside temperature. Older homes in rural areas are particularly susceptible to cold winds and air. To stop drafts from entering your country home, use weather stripping or caulk around drafty windows and door sweeps beneath doors. You can also use a press-in-place rope caulk to seal windows quickly and efficiently.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Maintaining your HVAC system is one of the best ways to ensure your home will be warm all winter long. Use a reliable HVAC company to inspect and service your HVAC system regularly. HVAC companies like Countryside can inspect and maintain your HVAC system to ensure your system is up to par. You should also check your furnace filter to make sure it’s clean and dust-free. A clean filter means a more efficient HVAC system.

Let in More Sunlight

If you have lots of windows and drapes, open them up during the daytime to allow more sunlight to enter and warm your home. When the sun goes down, close your drapes to keep heat inside your home.

Keep Furniture Away From Radiators and Heaters

While it may seem like a good idea to place your sofa in front of the radiator or heater, it’s really a bad way to keep your home warm. Keeping radiators or heaters clear of obstructions will allow the heat to dissipate throughout the room.

Stop Rapid Cycling

Rapid cycling occurs when your heating system fires on and off in short intervals. Rapid cycling wastes energy and causes your heating system to work harder. The best way to stop rapid cycling is to change the “cycle-rate adjustment” in the thermostat setup mode from 1 degree to 1.5 degrees.

You should always have a professional heating and cooling company inspect, maintain, and repair your HVAC system to ensure it’s working as it should. But keeping your HVAC system in good repair is only part of the battle to keeping your country home warm during the winter. By following the suggestions listed above, you can ensure your country home will be warm and cozy all winter long without raising your heating bills.