Group of business workers working together. Middle age beautiful businesswoman standing smiling happy looking at the camera at the office

For anyone seeking a career in management or for companies hoping to fill management roles, there are three factors that comprise exceptional management personnel. The first two are specific to the company, industry knowledge and experience in your trade. Both of these have some variation from one company to another, even within the same industry. The third factor holds true no matter what field of business you may be in. These are the qualities of exceptional managers.

Autonomy, Ambition, and Motivation

Autonomy means being capable of starting and completing tasks without immediate direction. Being autonomous is being a self-starter and not being reliant on the instructions of your higher-ups. You know what needs to be done and you do it. You’re a go-getter, which is part of being ambitious as well. Ambition entails passion and being driven to lead others by setting a strong example. As a manager, ambition also involves being motivated to succeed and being a motivator that provokes the same desire for success in those you lead.

Communication Skills

There are several facets to communication that a manager or any leader should be aware of and capable of performing. Exceptional communication constitutes each of these things, just to name a few:

  • Expressing yourself clearly and with authority
  • Advocating for those you lead to those who lead you.
  • Actively listening to whomever may be speaking to you
  • Speaking at a volume audible to everyone in a room
  • Articulating your thoughts and choosing words with caution before speaking
  • Reading body language and facial expression
  • Being respectful and honest with whomever you may be engaged in conversation with
  • Providing feedback in a constructive and thoughtful way

Another element of good communication that’s often overlooked is being approachable. The men and women you lead should not be intimidated to come to you with concerns or problems they face at work. Additionally, communicating with optimal efficiency embraces having an open mind perspective and an open-door policy.

Teachability and Desire to Grow

The moment a manager thinks that he or she knows everything, that person immediately becomes arrogant. Leadership development is an ongoing process with many challenges and many rewards. Making an investment to continue learning and improving upon your skills as a manager through your career is well worthwhile.

Overall, if you desire to go into leadership, there are several skills and traits that you can work on. Communication is the most important skill when managing other people. Leadership development courses can be a great option if you are facing a potential promotion. Ultimately, focus on building healthy working relationships with those around you, and this will create a solid foundation for good leadership.