Modern garage interior with sectional gate. 3d illustration

A modern garage door isn’t complete without an automatic garage door opener. A crucial component of this system is the unit that you keep in your car that allows you to open the door with the push of a button. Given the quick and easy access that your garage provides to various belongings, it’s vital to safeguard your garage door openers as best you can. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider to whom you entrust your openers, especially if one of the people you’re considering is a neighbor.

True Trust

A garage door opener should be seen as a key to your home, especially if you have an attached garage. That’s why, if you choose to entrust your neighbor with an opener, it’s important to make sure that your trust isn’t misplaced. It’s best if you get to know your neighbor over several months or even years before considering giving them an opener. One good way to determine if they are trustworthy is if they are willing to reciprocate your trust by providing you with one of their garage door openers.

Safety of Neighbor’s Home

Even if you’re sure your neighbor is trustworthy, it’s still important to be careful about giving them a garage door opener. After all, if they don’t properly secure their home, it could be easy for someone to break in and steal your garage door opener. Therefore, you need to ensure that your neighbor regularly locks their doors and has proper security equipment. Additionally, any garage door openers that you give to your neighbor should be kept under lock and key in a discreet location.

Emergency Situations

Giving your neighbor a garage door opener for your home can have major benefits. One of the most important benefits is that you can easily gain access to your home even if you lock your keys and your car inside. If you have young children who don’t know how to operate the doors around your home, a neighbor with a garage door opener could literally be a lifesaver. Plus, if your neighbor has a grade door opener, they will be able to check on your home when you’re away on vacation.

Other Options

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of your neighbors having a garage door opener, the good news is that there are other options to ensure you always have access to your garage. The best option is to install a WiFi-enabled opening mechanism so that you can control your garage from your phone. Thus, even if you lose your opener, you’ll be able to quickly gain access to your home. You can also hide an extra opener somewhere on your property, although this isn’t generally recommended because of the risk of a thief discovering the opener.

Preventing Problems

To help prevent problems with your automatic garage door openers, it’s important to keep it properly serviced. This will prevent interruptions in the signal between the opener button and the opener mechanism. You also need to make sure that you keep fresh batteries in your opener button. These batteries can quickly become depleted when they’re kept in your car at high temperatures. With proper safeguards in place, you’ll be able to make the most of your automatic garage door opener so that you can enter and exit your home with ease.