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Business owners have a crucial role to play in the global drive to reduce emissions and prevent further damage to the environment. If you’re looking to embrace greener ways of working, here are some tips to help you become a more eco-conscious entrepreneur. 


Recycling is an effective means of reducing waste and ensuring that materials that have life left in them can be utilized rather than ending up in landfill. If you run a business, you can be proactive in lowering the amount of waste you produce and increasing the amount of waste you recycle or repurpose. Use technology to replace paper records and documents and collect paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic waste for recycling. Provide clear guidelines for employees and make it easy for your team and your customers to recycle products and packaging. If you run a business that generates waste that isn’t widely recyclable, look for agencies or initiatives that offer assistance. Many dental practices are now collecting items such as brush heads for electric toothbrushes for recycling, for example. 

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Business owners buy and use all kinds of materials on a daily basis. If you are eager to go green, take a look at the materials and substances you are using to create products or provide services and see if there are eco-friendly alternatives. You can look for sustainable materials, materials that are produced in a way that reduces emissions, or products that generate fewer emissions because they don’t need treating or curing, such as closed cell foam for backpacks, footwear and insulated gloves. It’s also an excellent idea to audit orders to see if there are ways to reduce waste and to try to repurpose any materials that you don’t require or use. 

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Energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption provides several benefits for business owners, as well as the environment. If you lower consumption, you will save money while making a positive contribution to the planet. Cutting costs allows entrepreneurs to direct funds to measures that support growth and maximize profits. 

There are myriad ways to lower energy bills, including insulating business premises, using a thermostat to regulate the temperature, installing smart meters to track consumption and investing in smart technology. Modern tech is designed to boost efficiency and performance while also saving money. Consider options such as energy-efficient lightbulbs and motion sensor lighting, for example. You can also switch to renewable energy providers and encourage your employees to get on board by turning the lights off when they exit rooms and switching appliances off at the socket rather than leaving them on standby. Setting a good example at work will motivate customers and employees to adopt the same habits at home.

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Businesses will play an integral role in protecting the planet and reducing carbon emissions in the future. If you are looking to go green, and you want to do more to lower your carbon footprint and encourage customers and employees to be more eco-conscious, there are several steps you can take. Promote and encourage recycling and repurposing, look to buy materials that are sustainable or environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of energy you consume.