Your home is your castle, so you should do everything possible to protect it against intruders. Improving your home’s security can reduce burglary, vandalism and other intrusion risks and ensure better safety for you and your family. By doing these simple things around your home, you can make your abode a more secure setting.

Use More Lighting

Intruders often like to make their way onto properties that have poor lighting to avoid being seen. Outdoor lights with sensors can be installed near your driveway and doors to automatically come on whenever someone approaches. LED bulbs in your outdoor light fixtures can be especially good for creating more lighting. You should also consider installing lights along your walkways to make anyone who might try to come onto your property even more visible.

Secure Your Windows Better

Your windows can also be used as entry points for intruders, and securing your windows better can make your home more inaccessible. If you don’t already have locks on your windows, you should consider getting some state-of-the-art window locks that are highly durable and difficult to break. Security bars and grilles can also help impede intruders’ efforts. Another good idea is to have a steel mesh security screen, from a local provider like Guardian Security Screens or another company in your area, installed so that it will be nearly impossible for intruders to crack the window.

Get a Dog (Or Pretend You Have One)

Thieves and vandals often don’t want to contend with yappy, aggressive dogs, and getting a new furry friend can help protect your home better. If you don’t want a dog, you can buy a sensor that will automatically emit noise that sounds like a barking dog each time someone comes onto your property and approaches your home along with a special doorbell that produces barking dog sounds each time that it’s rung. A “Beware of Dog” sign can also help deter trespassers.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Overgrown trees and bushes can obscure certain areas around your home better and create ideal conditions for intruders who want to break into your home. By simply trimming your trees and bushes more often, intruders won’t be able to hide as easily. You should be especially diligent about keeping the growth around doors and windows trimmed. Grass in your yard that can grow tall should be mowed regularly as well so that intruders don’t try to hide in it.

Enhancing your home’s security doesn’t always have to involve investing in a lot of expensive equipment. With a little extra effort, you can give your home an extra shield of protection.

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