Securely transporting landscaping and lawn care equipment can pose a number of unique challenges depending on the size of your yard and the equipment. From passenger vehicles and cargo vans to towable trailers and hitch cargo trays, you may have more options for transporting lawn care equipment than you might realize.

Commuter Vehicle

While a standard passenger car or small truck may not make for an ideal transport vehicle, they can often do just fine in a pinch. These vehicles often provide more than enough space for trimmers and hand tools like rakes and hoes. While trying to wrestle a riding mower into the back of a compact car may be out of the question you might be surprised at just how much you can fit within a standard commuter vehicle.

Vans, Trucks and Cargo Vehicles

Clever packing and carefully arranging your cargo can help to optimize the available space, but such efforts can only go so far. Loading your landscaping gear into a van, a long-bed pickup, or some other dedicated cargo vehicle can make things a good deal easier. For business owners and landscaping service providers, investing in the right vehicle is not an issue to be taken lightly.

Towable Trailer

A towable equipment trailer often provides the most convenient, versatile, and cost-effective transportation solution. Trailers that can be hitched and towed to your everyday car or truck can eliminate the need to invest in a larger vehicle. Even cargo vans and work trucks can benefit from having an attached trailer, especially when it comes to ensuring that work and landscaping crews are able to transport everything they need to the next job site.

Cargo Carrier or Tray

Smaller than a dedicated trailer, a cargo tray can provide just enough extra space to allow you to transport a riding mower or other piece of bulky equipment. Trays that have extendable ramps can also provide you with a much easier way to handle loading and unloading, especially if you find yourself struggling to move equipment into the bed of your truck. Perfect for those who only need to handle the occasional transport or in situations where you only need a little extra cargo space.

Trying to move a riding mower in a vehicle that lacks sufficient storage space can lead to no end of problems. Investing in a van, upgrading to a larger work truck to taking advantage of the additional space that a trailer or carrier tray is able to provide can make it much easier to transport your landscaping gear and equipment.