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Whenever you want to make some positive change in your life, or just want to ensure that you are able to fully realize your potential to the best of your ability, establishing good habits can be an extremely powerful step to take.

On a day-to-day basis, a large amount of what we do will be driven by habit, and will be a matter of the kinds of activities, behaviors, and reactions that we have trained ourselves to engage in and express over time.

While big one-off actions can have a major impact from time to time, much of the course of your everyday life will be shaped by your habits. Getting fit, for example, is largely a matter of developing a habit of training consistently and watching your nutrition, whereas building a successful business will largely be a matter of the kinds of everyday habits you have in place, as they relate to work and productivity.

Here are a few tips for making good habits more motivating in your life, so that you find them easier to stick with.

Start small, and reduce as much of the “sting” as you can in the beginning

Today, there are all sorts of very helpful apps, services, and programs out there that help to streamline and facilitate certain processes that might otherwise be tiring and time-consuming.

For example, you can sign documents online with SodaPDF and avoid the whole routine of having to print those documents out, sign them, scan them, re-upload them, and then submit them.

When it comes to your habits, finding ways to streamline and simplify them in this manner can be very powerful. Generally speaking, you’ll want to start small with your habits, and to do what you can to reduce the “sting” from them as much as possible, particularly at the beginning.

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Use habit management apps that are visually appealing, and include elements of “gamification”

The way that you track your habits can have a lot to do with how motivating you find the process of establishing and keeping those habits – and, fortunately, there are many very dynamic and visually appealing habit tracking and management apps out there today.

In many cases, these apps will utilise elements of “gamification” in order to leverage the same approaches and methods that make video games and other similar forms of entertainment so gripping and engaging.

It might be that with the right habit tracker at your disposal, sticking with your habits becomes far more motivating.

Create positive associations with the habit through rewards, and other means

If you want to be motivated to carry out repetitions of a particular habit time after time, finding ways to associate that habit with some kind of reward can certainly help.

This can take many different forms. Maybe, for example, you’ll allow yourself a certain treat every time you vacuum the house. Or maybe after consistently doing your daily fitness routine for a certain number of days in a row, you promise to buy yourself some stylish and motivating new workout clothes.