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BBQs can sometimes be a little disappointing. Your family gets excited about the prospect but, in the end, the results disappoint. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make your BBQ amazing, even if you only have a basic kit. 

Check out the following all-time best BBQ tips and avoid that dreaded disappointment. 

Use The Proper Fuel

If you want your BBQ to actually taste like BBQ and not something else, you need to use the proper fuel. Charcoal is the most popular option because of the flavor that it imparts to the food that you cook, but there are other options too. For instance, many gas-powered BBQs can also produce fantastic results. 

If you have a gas BBQ and want to add some sweetness to the meat, you can add hickory or oak chips. Soak some of the chips in water so that they smoke for longer. 

Use The Proper Tools

Everyone has experienced a sausage flying off the edge of the BBQ at least once in their life. It’s always a disappointment. Don’t let that happen to you. Choose the right kit. 

Start with a heavy-duty silicone oven glove. This will protect your hands from the heat and even the odd lick of flame so that you’re not dancing around the fire. You’ll also need a sturdy pair of tongs so that you can easily turn meat, veg and anything else you might have on the BBQ. 

Get Rid Of Pests

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The last thing you want are insects buzzing around and biting you while you’re trying to eat your feast. That’s why some homeowners get mosquito control to eliminate the problem before they even start. That way, they can enjoy their family BBQ in peace. 

Marinade Everything

Preparation for a proper BBQ should ideally start the day before. You want to marinade everything you put on it so that you have more flavor once you start grilling. Sometimes you can find pre-marinated meats, but it is usually best to do this yourself. Make sure that the marinade has a strong flavor so it’s not overridden by the smell of smoke.

Don’t Char Your Vegetables

While BBQs can make vegetables taste amazing, it can also char them beyond recognition.

The way to cook veggies is to slice them thinly and then place them on the grill a bit like burger patties. Cook for a few minutes and then flip to ensure both sides are done well. 

Once you cook the veggies, then you can add flavorings such as olive oil, herbs and vinaigrettes. 

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Cook The Sides In Advance

While meat on the BBQ is the main event, two thirds of what you eat will actually be sides. Ideally, you want dishes that complement the main meal. 

For instance, you could make coleslaw if you’re cooking burgers, or you could make a cous-cous salad to go alongside spicy chicken wings. Many people grill pita breads on the BBQ drizzled in a few splashes of dark soy sauce for extra flavor.