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Many people love to have an exercise routine going while it is convenient. Still, when circumstances change, people’s levels of commitment can waver. 

Excitingly, bike sales boomed during the pandemic, as many people were stuck for something to do. However, it is unlikely that every buyer has become a passionate cyclist, especially now restrictions have been lifted. Some people may make a new year’s resolution to cycle more, but once again, such self-promises may soon fall by the wayside too. 

If you want to start cycling, the more you are committed, the more rewarding the experience can be. You must not be deterred by anything, not even a few days of bad weather. Many casual cyclists might postpone their efforts until the rain subsides, but you should not do so.

You may be wondering why you should brave all the wet and miserable weather for the sake of a few hours of peddling. Fortunately, we have justified this approach after the jump. 

Being Consistent

Depending on where you live, bad weather may be more common than good weather. While the odd day off from a cycling routine will not hurt too much, taking extended breaks from your schedule will hamper things.

It is not just about impeding the progress of your physical fitness either. Extended breaks may slowly drain your willpower over time. If you skipped last week’s session, you might feel that there is little consequence in missing the next week’s and the following week’s. If you are not careful, your entire effort can slowly fall apart just from one instance of having a break. 

If you are worried about getting up every morning to dreary weather, do not be. After all, some experts say that afternoon exercise routines can yield better results for people. So long as you are consistent with your schedule, there is always a way to make things work. 

Once you have cycled in bad weather once, the next time may not seem like such a big deal. Often, the thought of something is worse than the actual doing of it. 

Having More Room

Sticking with the idea of being consistent, bad weather might mean you need to stop your exercise less. After all, joggers and cyclists may occasionally need to make way for someone in their path.  

Bad weather might cause fewer people will be out on the roads. It might even mean you are safer or less likely to encounter accidents due to another’s irresponsible behavior, be they road users or inattentive walkers. Pathways in wooded areas may also be vacated of people. Ultimately, you will have more room and thus a greater sense of speed and freedom, thereby making cycling more enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, a lot of hostility can be directed toward cyclists in some circles. In having more room, you may also be avoiding dramatic clashes with rude individuals. If you suffer from anxiety or a fear of conflict, these conditions could even be perfect. If you are a cyclist in bad weather, you may have a sense of largely having the great outdoors to yourself, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy your hobby free of judgement and drama. 

Access to More Opportunities

You may be worried about suffering accidents when cycling in bad weather. Still, if you are proactive with your sense of caution, you could discover opportunities that can improve your experience. 

For example, as well as publishing practical safety guidance on cycling in wet weather and rain, Velosurance also provides excellent insurance for your bicycle. It covers accidents and the loss of your bike, as well as theft. Moreover, the company offers roadside assistance for any unfortunate circumstances you encounter.

The lesson here is that wanting to brave the elements can lead to a host of crucial support services. Trying something new can always lead to greater things and learning opportunities, and you should adopt that same mindset to cycling outdoors during bad weather. 

Feeling Exhilarated

Bad weather is not pleasant to look at from the inside. However, once you are hurtling through all the rain and dramatic winds from atop your bicycle, the experience of powering through it all can provide an adrenaline rush of its own. 

What is so bad about shaking things up a bit? After all, life is full of curveballs. A bit of bad weather might give your hobby the interesting twist it needed after so long. 

Much about sport is about mental acuity as well as physical agility. How you frame things in your mind counts for a great deal. Choose to be positive. Attack each cycling session with everything you have, and strive to enjoy it regardless of external circumstances. 

Your confidence may be built up too. If you can cycle during bad weather, you naturally may look for other challenges to conquer. What about mountain biking or cycling on a famous route in a foreign country? There are so many ways to refresh the experience.