Winter is fast approaching, with the days ending faster and the cold seeping in even with the sun high in the sky. It’s essential to make sure your home is sealed against the cold to avoid damage and higher heating bills.

Clean Gutters and Roof

After all the leaves have fallen and as the temperature sinks, make sure the gutters are clear of any debris or blockages. As rain freezes over, water can overfill the gutters or downspouts and flood the foundation, causing damage to the home. Ice dams can build up on the roof, leading to other more expensive repairs. As the fall season begins, check the gutters for debris and make sure they’re straight and tight against the house. No water should be trapped, and the gutter shouldn’t be sagging in any areas. Also double-check that all of the downspouts and gutters haven’t worn down in any places and need to be replaced.

Insulate Windows

Switching on the heat can make many homeowners aware of the drafts in their homes and how much money is escaping through the cracks in their windows. It’s important to make sure the edges around a window are sealed with caulk, film, or a draft snake for an easy removable fix. Checking around each window for a cold breeze or any water damage is a great way to prepare for the colder months and save yourself higher bills in the future. Many caulks and draft snake solutions are inexpensive and can be utilized in almost every room of the house. Putting in some extra work at the beginning of the season can make sure when the true cold arrives, everyone in the home is warm and protected from the elements.

Check HVAC

Arguably the most important task on the to-do list, make sure your heating is functioning properly and has received professional maintenance. Residential heating systems often need their filters changed on a regular basis and checks to ensure they’re maintaining air quality in the home. If the home’s heating system is clogged with dust or particulates or is no longer being cost-efficient, it most likely needs to be checked by a professional before the beginning of the cold season.

It’s essential to make sure your home is up-to-date and ready to handle the harsh cold of the coming winter months. With preparation and care, you can be confident in the warmth and durability of your home.