When disaster strikes, it can be hard on the whole family, especially if your parents are unable to take care of themselves in the immediate aftermath. It’s important to do what you can to provide them with assistance to help them get back on their feet. Here are four tips to help your parents return to a new normal after a natural disaster:

Ask Them What They Need

Don’t assume you know what your parents need; ask them. You can start by saying something like “how can I help you get back on your feet.” Just let them know that you’re concerned and willing to do whatever they need. If money is tight, offer to sell or donate some of their possessions. Be sure to check with your insurance agent and see if your parents qualify for disaster relief. While it may seem overwhelming, taking things one step at a time will help all of you adjust.

Lend Your Parents Money

If your parents were affected by a natural disaster and you’re in a better financial position, offer to lend them some money. This will take their minds off of losing everything and relieve some of their stress at a time when it’s most needed. While you may not be able to completely pay for everything, giving them some extra cash can go a long way.

Focus on Rebuilding

It’s important to focus on rebuilding after a natural disaster. Start with the essentials like personal hygiene items, clothing, shelter, and food. Don’t forget that in the case of an earthquake, aftershocks can occur days or even weeks later, so be prepared for that possibility. Realize that it may take months for their lives to return to normal; be patient and help them work through it.

Repair Their Home

During a disaster like a hurricane, many homeowners discover that their home is damaged. Once immediate essentials are covered, it’s time to help restore your parents’ home to its pre-disaster condition. This includes hiring someone for water damage restoration. Calling a professional for a water damage company is important as there may be unforeseen challenges with repairs that only a professional can deal with it. Calling an electrician for repairs, and hiring professional painters, or carpenters to fix any damage caused by storm-force winds.

When natural disasters strike, it’s normal to worry about how your parents are affected by the tragedy. Use these four tips to help your parents regroup after a natural disaster.