If you and your family have developed some bad food eating habits, you are certainly not alone. A lot of us got off track at the height of the global pandemic and were using all kinds of food as a security blanket, a way to offset anxiety and fear, and even boredom. You can start eating healthier and making better food choices, say our nutritional experts. Check out their list of simple recommendations to try at home.

Enjoy A Meal Together

This sounds easy enough, but today’s modern family members are often scattered about during mealtime. In some homes, the kids are fed earlier and then planted in front of the TV or their computers while the parents try and find time to sit down at the table.

The entire family should plan at least on having dinnertime together. That means everyone sits at the table, and the high-tech devices are shut down for the meal.

Eating with the family helps folks connect with one another, learn about each other’s day, and brings the family together as a unit. It may sound old-fashioned, but families used to eat their meals together at the table, and it gives a sense of stability for children.

Reduce Meat And Poultry Dishes

There’s nothing wrong with having meat and chicken and turkey, etc., but there is also excellent nutrition, good amounts of protein, and lower calories and fat when you replace them with amazing foods like fish, lentils, and beans, for example.

Don’t be afraid to introduce your family members to new recipes, healthy sauces, and accompaniments to fish and legumes.

Replace All The Sugary Drinks

We understand that this one isn’t always the simplest item to cut out completely, but sugary drinks are doing no one any nutritional favors. One hundred percent juices are much better for the body, instead of guzzling down sodas, sports drinks, and punch filled with sugar. It’s also bad for the teeth as any dentist would tell you.

One study published in 2011 revealed that that sugary beverages raise your blood pressure, and it increases the more you drink. Even cutting back by one soda per day can lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.

Eat A Balanced Diet And Portion Size

Often, many of us eat a heaping portion of food even when it’s full of good nutritional value. The experts recommend single plate servings and avoiding family-style eating, where there is extra food left at the table for each member to help themselves.

Eating a balanced diet can be challenging when you don’t have the time to prepare or you’re not sure about the calories going into the meals you’re making. Nutritionists recommend trying a service that offers an excellent food delivery menu. That way you’re receiving a fresh, fully prepared dinner right to your doorstep that is delicious, convenient, and good for you. Just heat up, kick back and enjoy the yum-factor.

Use Less Salt

If you don’t have the salt shaker at the table, that is one effective method in cutting back on having too much salt in your diet.

It seems to be everywhere and in a lot of packaged foods that we buy. In fact, the USDA recommends less than a teaspoon of salt each day.

Introduce the family to salt alternatives that also provide exquisite flavors to your favorite foods. Some of these would include garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon, ginger and others.

Let The Kids Be In the Kitchen

We know. It’s hard to get their attention when their heads are buried into their cellphones and tablets, but letting children have a say during mealtime is another way to introduce new recipes and a healthier way of eating to the family.

Maybe there’s a vegetable or fruit your children would like to try. Invite them into the kitchen and familiarize them with healthy bites and exotic spices.

It’s easy to reach for the candy or a bag of Cheetos, and snacks have their time and place, but if you want to begin eating healthier, try our tips as a family unit. Start slowly, enjoy meals together, and try out new recipes. Have fun!