Many incredible childhood memories are created when families spend time together doing something fun, adventurous, or even close to home. Being active as a family unit brings folks together, becomes a bonding experience, and helps in the development of children. You can sit down and make a family bucket list of cool things you would like to try, or better yet, go over our list of great family activities to do.

1. Head Out On A Road Trip

Fill up the gas tank and go! It doesn’t have to be an overnighter; make it a surprise day trip, and set out on a family adventure. Pick a place on the map, and visit a community you’ve never been to before.

Keep the kids entertained during the drive with music, books, magnetic game boards, etc.

Children will have a blast as they get out and explore a city or town that offers a different landscape, downtown, and historical features.

2. Surf’s Up—Time For The Beach

Water or “blue space” makes everybody happy, say, psychologists. That is why being in or around a body of water is fun every time, and the beach is an ideal place to visit together. Make a sandcastle with the kids, ride the waves or hop on a boat, one of America’s favorite recreational pastimes.

Boating is so much fun for the family, and preowned yachts for sale make personal adventures memorable for a lifetime.

3. Take A Farm Tour; Milk A Cow

Another day of family fun happens down on the farm, and there are many that you can visit.

A lot of farms offer farm tours so that you and the kids can get closer to the rural landscape and the origins of their food, flowers,, and farm animals. Some places allow visitors to milk the cows and goats, collect eggs from the

chickens, help make butter and feed the animals. Hayrides and sleigh rides are offered depending on the season.

Farm tours are educational, tons of fun, especially when you run around a cornfield maze.

New England boasts some of the finest farms in the nation.

4. Camp In Your Backyard

If you can’t get to the great outdoors, why not create a similar experience in your backyard?

Nothing can quite compare to sleeping under the stars when you pitch a tent for the night. Line the tent floor with sleeping bags to make it extra cozy. You could even put up some string lights along the tent to deliver a soft, glowing atmosphere.

Make some S’mores as a campfire treat with fire-roasted marshmallows, a layer of your favorite chocolate, and then sandwich it up with two pieces of graham cracker.

While you’re there, make a time capsule.

Children and their teachers often make time capsules, and you, too, can make your own with the family.

Get an empty airtight box and fill it with things like a newspaper, photos, a menu from a favorite restaurant, drawings, a memorable event, etc.

Then, bury it with a marker, and set a calendar reminder to open it up with your family on a date well into the future.

5. Launch A YouTube Channel

Let’s face it. Social media is extremely popular, and sites such as YouTube entertain millions of people around the world daily.

You can start a YouTube channel, and it’s free! Maybe you have an adorable and goofy dog that would be fun to film and share with your viewers.

Or maybe you and your child both play a musical instrument and would like to collaborate on some videos together.

6. Have A Picnic

An old-fashioned picnic in the park is a wonderful activity for the family. You will need to tote along with some essentials such as a picnic blanket, paper towels, utensils, and plates.

Of course, a picnic basket full of your favorite foods and beverages is most important.

Family outings don’t have to be boring and routine. Use your imagination, and visit places you’ve never seen before, or go to familiar spots and try something different this time. Children are curious and like to have fun. Make it a good one!