During the pandemic, we’re all spending ungodly amounts of time at home, staring at our furniture and
soaking up the same old colors that surround us. If you want to brighten up your life and give you
something new and chic to look at, it’s time for a tiny home remodel. Here are a few tricks that will
make your home stylish and elegant in a matter of minutes:

Try colorblocking

Colorblocking is on the lips of every interior designer right now. Matching the colors of one room
entirely is a big feat, but if you do it right, the results will blow everyone away. If you’re willing to try
color blocking, start by matching your paint color to your bigger furniture pieces. Once you’ve
color-blocked your room, find space for complementary color splashes to create something unique and
impactful. Take visitors by surprise with interesting color combinations and ideas. For instance, paint the
trim of your doorway with bold complementary color and it will stand out beautifully.

Paint your ceiling

If you’re blessed with high ceilings, make sure to repay for their beauty with some paint. Take the color
all the way up to your ceiling to draw the eye upwards, alter the entire look of your home, add interest
to the space and further boost the height of your interior.

Now look at the floors

Neglecting your floors is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your home. Floors are the base of
your design and something everyone will come in contact with as soon as they step into your space.
Make sure to ground the furniture and tie every design piece together with a carpet. If you like
somewhere with a moderate climate like New Zealand, you can still go small with cute rugs in NZ and
avoid overheating while basking in softness and comfort. A traditional tribal rug or something geometric
will make a big impression, tell a story and start conversations yet fit into any space.

Add throw pillows

To provide your family and guests with an extra touch of comfort, but more importantly, to punch up
the chic vibes in your space, grab a few throw pillows—you will instantly create a more layered look.
When opting for size, go a little bigger than the standard 12 or 18 inches. A 24-inch stuffed into a
slightly smaller pillowcase will give you that opulent, plush, and elegant appearance. Choose an
interesting pattern, color, or print for your pillows to provide your furniture with a focal piece and boost
good vibes in the space.

Treat your windows

If you don’t have window treatment, there’s a huge chance that your home is looking unfinished and
tacky. Luckily, you can quickly and cheaply fix your mistake and add some design to your space, AND
boost privacy and security. But keep in mind that not all window treatments are created equal. For
instance, if you choose a see-through flimsy material, your space will instantly look cheap, even if you
paid good money for your curtains. If you want to elevate your home on a budget, no worries because
many chain stores offer lined draperies that have a more elegant and expensive look for an affordable
price. It’s always best to stick with natural materials like linen, cotton, or silk because man-made
materials look tacky. If draperies don’t fit into your space, woven bamboo shades or wooden blinds
will—just make sure your windows are not bare.

Decorate with fresh flowers

Every good designer will set aside some time to create a stunning vignette. One of the easiest ways to
create a vignette that will impress every visitor and your Instagram fans is to decorate with fresh flowers. A bouquet will add a finishing touch to your room and freshen up your space with its natural
properties and colors. It will add a new layer of color and brighten up the room, but you can also use
your flowers to match the rest of the space and pull everything together.
These design tips above will transform your home instantly. Since they are all easy and fast fixes, you
can have a completely chic home as soon as your orders arrive, so go shopping today and treat yourself
and your space to a makeover.