Even if you have a budget you should stay within, you can still style your home in a way that makes your residence more luxurious. Interior design makes a significant difference in the way you look and feel in your home and allows you to express your personal style when it comes to home decor. Here are six ways you can elevate your home, even on a budget.

Treat Your Rooms as Blank Canvases

Pay attention to the preexisting features in your house so you’ll know which parts you want to highlight from a decorative perspective. Check out the wooden beams, crown molding, hardwood floors, backsplashes, or bookshelves to give you ideas on how to decorate the space. Make these features as prominent as possible since they are what make the room look elegant. For instance, you don’t have to spend money on an elaborate portrait if it will take the attention away from built-in bookshelves or crown molding. You can, on the other hand, paint the shelves or the crown molding so that these features are more noticeable and you don’t have to spend lots of money to decorate.

Add Some Color

Paint is an inexpensive way to make some decorative changes in your home. Whether you want to tone down the color in a room to give it a calmer feel or prefer to add a brighter hue in the room to make it more welcoming, the color will help to influence your mood. You may only pay about $30 for a gallon of paint, and you can increase the value of your home by a few thousand dollars if you give it a fresh coat of paint before putting it on the market.

Pick Functional, Decorative Towels

Get rid of older bath towels that have shrunk in the dryer or are discolored. Towels have the ability to make your bathroom look more sophisticated, so try purchasing fluffy towels in a neutral color. You’ll feel like you’re entering a tranquil spa when you enter the bathroom just by upgrading the towels. You can also try towels in bright hues to make them the focal point of the room.

Change Your Throw Pillows

Replacing your throw pillows can instantly update your living room or den. Choose pillows with eye-catching patterns and colors to liven up a sofa or loveseat. Or, purchase covers for the throw pillows you already have as an affordable alternative. Buying several different colors will allow you to change the look of the throw pillows often and color-coordinate these accessories according to the seasons. For instance, you can choose pastel colors for spring and summer in light materials such as cotton or linen, or velvet pillows in jewel tones for fall and winter.

Add Molding

If you have bare walls and don’t want to clutter the walls with too much artwork, add molding to the baseboards or ceilings to make your home look more extravagant. You can choose molding based on your decorative style, whether you prefer clean lines to match your modern home decor or elaborate Victorian-style molding to match your antique furniture pieces. Molding is also a great way to increase the value of your home, whether you plan on staying in the home for a few more years or are thinking of putting your home on the market. Molding around the windows or near the doors can also make any room look more sophisticated. If you want to add molding or replace your windows and live in the Kansas City area, check out a Kansas City windows and doors specialist for an estimate.

Add Some Artwork To the Walls

Adding some artwork to your wall is a simple and affordable way to add a customized touch to your home decor while still staying within your budget. interior design ideas don’t always have to be expensive. If you’re crafty, you can display some of your DIY art, or you can frame some candid or black and white family photos. Before you hang anything on the walls, make sure you know where you want to place the artwork and how you should hang it. Choose portraits that are the correct scale and size for the wall you’re adorning. Keep in mind that you don’t need to decorate every wall in your home; too much wall decoration can make the room too cluttered and smaller than it actually is.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you want to give any room in your home a stylish update.