Whether it’s your first time or not, it’s always a great idea to have your office looking its best for Zoom calls. While virtual meetings do not have that realism to them as face-to-face meetings, they’re your best chance to stay connected with your colleagues or employees during this pandemic.

The following are the best ways to upgrade your office for Zoom calls:

Find good lighting

One of the most important factors bound to influence the quality of your Zoom calls is the lighting. Even if you spend your time designing the best office space possible, your efforts will go to waste without good lighting.

For this reason, ensure that you utilize the natural lighting around you. It’s even better to test out all the lighting options before joining that Zoom call. The best way to get good lighting for your Zoom call is to ensure that the source of lighting hits the back of your computer rather than its screen.

Pay attention to your background

The background of your Zoom calls provides a lot of information about your personality without even realizing it. During that Zoom call, you want people to focus on your face rather than what’s in the background.

For this reason, ensure that you go for a background with fewer distractions. Before that Zoom call starts, get rid of anything that might be making your background messy or harsh lighting that might be degrading the video quality.

It’s important that you craft a background that reflects your professionalism and creativity without revealing too much.

Get audio backup options

At times you might prepare so well for your Zoom call and then have the in-built audio of your computer fail. It could have you struggling to hear someone, or it could drop out completely during the Zoom call.

This can be very costly, especially if you’re on the call with a very important client. If you want to avoid this, it’s better to have your office headset or earbuds ready in case you end up needing them.

A good option for video calls is to have an office headset. These headsets are high quality and will be a great accessory that will ensure you’re more productive when working from home.

Minimize external noise

Working from your home office can be quiet if you don’t have pets, children, or other members of your household making noise. If you’re preparing for an important Zoom call, you need to ensure that you minimize any external noise for a great session.

If your office windows are open, consider closing them before you join that Zoom call. You can also turn off any other appliances close to your office that might be causing unwanted noise.

Get some plants

Adding some plants to your home office setup will go a long way in making the place livelier. Plants are also very efficient when adding color and purifying the air in your home office.

Having some plants around your office will make the place the interior design look high-end and attractive. The best thing about adding plants in your office setup is that they’re affordable. This explains why most people nowadays are using plants as a backdrop for the Zoom calls.

Invest in high-quality accessories

If you want your Zoom calls to be productive and without downtime, you’ll need to invest in some high-end gadgets. You have to pay attention to the monitor, camera, microphone, and even the office desk you’ll be using for your Zoom calls.

You need to ensure that the office desk you go for is of the right height and width. As for the monitors, a lightweight one with a USB port will be ideal for your Zoom calls. Also, ensure that you mount the camera in the best position to help improve your visibility during the calls.

Summing up

Taking some time to upgrade your home office will go a long way in making your Zoom calls even more productive. When the setup is right, you’ll find out that the Zoom calls won’t take more time than they need to, and everyone will be acquainted with what is expected of them in good time.