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Finances form a big part of your everyday life, whether it is so you can pop down to the grocery store and pick up some essentials, buy yourself something nice as a treat or go on luxurious vacations. There isn’t much you can do without cash. So sometimes you might find yourself in the situation whereby you need to make sacrifices or be really thrifty so that you can make your last paycheck count for as long as possible. Knowing how to deal with financial problems can be tricky if it is not a situation you have ever dealt with before. So here is a guide on what you can do when you need a bit of advice on how to save your dollars and what to do when you find yourself in financial difficulty. 

Small Changes You Can Make To Save Cash 

Write everything down

If you don’t keep a record of your expenses, how are you going to know where your cash is going? Writing things down on paper or using an app to keep a record of your expenditures will be the best starting point to establish a pattern and how to change it. 

Assess Your Finances

The first thing you should do is assess your current financial situation to determine if there are any areas in which you can save money. This will help you to free up any cash that you did not have before. It also enables you to reevaluate your priorities by deciding on where your cash should be going. Sometimes just small changes to your daily routine in the grand scheme of things can make a big difference. 

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Set Yourself Targets 

You most likely have targets or goals that you would like to achieve, whether it is saving money for a vacation, buying a brand new car, paying for your son/daughter to go to college, saving up for a renovation project, or a down payment for a home. If you write down your goals/targets that you would like to achieve this will spur you on to accomplish them. 

Shop For Bargains

If you can be a little organized with your time then you can try and shop for bargains in order to save some cash. If you can decide on what your meal plan will be for the week then you can head to the grocery store and buy what you need for each meal. At least that way you know that you need to use those specific ingredients, so they will not go to waste. Also you might be able to find some good bargains if you bulk buy non-perishable foods in advance, saving you even more dollars.  

The Different Types of Money Problems


Utilizing a credit card may seem like a good idea when you first get one, but it can be easy to go over your spending limit when you are using a credit card to pay for everything. You can easily spend more than you planned because effectively you are spending money that is not there to begin with and you will eventually pay back. But when you start having to pay huge interest rates on top of the money you now owe, this is where the debt can spiral out of control. So you really do need to be cautious when you decide to get a credit card and not get too carried away by making extravagant purchases that you cannot realistically afford. 

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It can be difficult to deal with money problems particularly if it leaves you having to cope with bankruptcy, which can be a stressful and emotionally challenging time. Knowing how you can utilize bankruptcy resources from Leinart Law can be a lifesaver when you need help to overcome this situation. It can be both stressful on you and your family, so if you can find a solution to tackle it the sooner you can overcome it. 

Depending on the situation you are in, it is always best to talk to a loved one or close friend so that you are not having to deal with the situation alone, otherwise it can feel even more overwhelming when you are struggling on your own and will only add to your anxiety. 

Gambling Addiction 

With a surge in online betting sites that encourage users to play poker, bet on horses or play slot machine games, it is quite easy to rack up an expensive bill, particularly when your card information is linked directly to your online gambing account and is only a short click away. What might just start out as a bit of harmless fun can soon turn into a gambling addiction whereby you are spending more and more money. This can then lead to financial problems when you are now spending cash that you cannot afford and don’t have. 

Solutions To The Problem 

Getting Help From a Family Member/Friend

Your nearest and dearest would not want to see you suffer so if you have to swallow your pride and ask for some financial assistance just to tide you over in the meantime then you should accept help when you need it. There is not much point continuing to struggle with your finances when someone is there offering to help you out in the meantime, until you are back on your feet. 

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If the notion of talking to a family member is not what you want to do there is always the option of counselling or grief coaching so that you can express your feelings with someone who is able to listen and offer advice on how to cope with the situation. 

Join a Support Group 

Have a look on the internet and on social media for a nearby support group whereby other people who are experiencing the same problem as you meet up. You find it useful to talk to other people who are experiencing or have dealt with the same problems that you have had. They will understand what you are going through and may be able to offer their tips and advice on how they overcame their situation. Even if you just join an online group through social media, it will still be therapeutic to be able to discuss your problems with like minded people and could benefit you considerably. 

Get Another Job

If your current job is not providing you with enough cash to deal with all of your bills then you might need to take on another job so that you can have more money coming in. It might leave you with a hectic schedule but any opportunity to have more cash available will certainly help your situation. 

Do Some Freelancing 

If you really cannot fit in another job in your schedule then you could always turn to freelancing as another option. It would enable you to work when it suits you whilst still getting paid to do something you are good at and enjoy as well. This will help to top up your finances. 

Sell Your Possessions

Sort through your items at home and see whether there are any clothes, shoes, furniture, kitchenware or any other miscellaneous items that you could put up for sale online. There are many websites or apps where you can list your items for other buyers to purchase. If something is in decent condition you might be surprised over how much you will get for it. It will also enable you to declutter your home a bit as well, so definitely worthwhile. 

Creative Craft 

Most people have a skill that they are good at, so find something that you enjoy. It could be a craft that you haven’t done for a while because your main job takes up so much of your time. Tap into your inner creativity and make things that you could then sell for a small profit. Whether it is making jewelry, painting pictures, sewing clothes or upcycling garden furniture. This might be the ideal time to get crafting whilst also using your skills to make some much needed dollars. 

Overall you need to find a suitable solution to your current financial difficulties that will help you in your personal circumstances. Only you know what will work for you, so it is not a one size fits all approach. The most important thing is that you are not battling through the situation alone and have someone to talk to, even just to get things off your chest. A problem shared is a problem solved after all.