Over the years, storms seem to have become that much more powerful. Unfortunately, this means that homeowners like yourself are having a much more difficult time making sure that their property is protected after the storms. However, if a storm is strong enough, that’s not always possible. At that movement, your focus should now turn to figuring out what exactly has been damaged and repairing it as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common damages to keep an eye out for after a storm.

Broken Siding

Your home’s siding is the outer layer of material installed to protect your home from the elements and make it aesthetically pleasing. When this part of your home is damaged, your home is susceptible to further damage if another storm comes rolling in. In addition, it can even lead to a devaluation of your entire property. Thus, it is highly recommended to walk around your entire home and look for this particular damage. If you do find damage, seek the services of storm damage restoration specialists to get your siding repaired rapidly and accurately.

Clogged Gutters

When a massive storm rolls into your area, it will no doubt begin to whip up small and large amounts of debris into the air. Much of that is often going to land on your gutters, and unless you have a leaf guard, the gutters may begin to clog up and cause a massive amount of weight to be placed on your gutter system, damaging them in the process. In addition, clogged gutters can easily lead to water damage in your walls or foundation.

Chipped Paint

When it comes to home paint damage, it is often not the actual water or even the wind that causes it but rather all the large debris constantly hitting your home. A great way to spot paint damage to your home is to look within areas where trees are present. Make sure to look from top to bottom, as debris during a storm has no problem reaching even the highest point of your home.

Although there are plenty of other types of damage that may come from a storm, the items on the list above are some of the most common to look out for. If you do notice damage, make sure to contact a contractor as soon as possible.