You may look forward to the summer every year with the warm air, beautiful flowers, tropical vacations, and the many harvests that you are able to make from your garden. Unfortunately, when you spend time outside in the summer, however, you are prone to getting a mosquito bite, known for its incessant itching. Sometimes, unfortunately, these mosquitoes carry viruses like malaria and other viruses that can be harmful to pets, children, and adults alike. You may want to spend time in your garden this year, for instance, but want to get rid of these bugs first. Follow the tips below to stop them from invading your space. 

1. Hire Mosquito Control Services

The first way to keep mosquitoes out of your garden this year is to hire mosquito control in Houston TX-based professionals to spray your land. The individuals can install misters that go off on a regular basis that naturally repel the mosquitoes that may be attracted to the plants in your garden. Professionals can also come every month to let a fogger go into your backyard which he’s to get rid of any eggs or other problems. This fogging solution will also help to get rid of your bug problem for the long term so that you do not have to deal with them in the future.

2. Get Rid of Standing Water

Many individuals enjoy putting birdbaths and fountains in their gardens. Mosquitoes, unfortunately, often become attracted to any areas in which there is standing water, and they actually breed in these areas, creating even more of the bug population. Make sure to avoid any gutters that are clogged with water and any standing water in watering cans so that you do not offer a home to these pests. If you do want to keep your birdbaths, however, you can treat them with Bt which helps to kill the larvae.

3. Put in Citronella

Citronella is a type of plant that you can put in your garden that is a natural mosquito repellant. You can also buy citronella lanterns and tiki torches that you can surround your garden with that will repel the mosquitoes away. Make sure you only buy those products that have real citronella rather than the synthetic material as it works significantly better. If you do decide to grow the citronella plant yourself, you can even make your own candles and lanterns, which will help you prevent a mosquito outbreak and will save you money.

4. Install a Bat House

If your backyard or garden has trees in it, put a bat house up. One bat house alone can become a home to as many as 50 bats, and these are predators against the mosquito and will help to get rid of the population over time. A family of bats can literally eat thousands upon thousands of mosquitoes on a nightly basis, proving that this is an effective plan. You can buy a bat house easily from any home improvement store, or you can easily make your own using scrap wood.

5. Plant the Right Herbs

There are other plants besides citronella that are beneficial in repelling mosquitoes away from your gardens. Grow lavender, lemon balm, and basil in your garden to try to repel them away while they are still in the ground throughout the day. You can also plant certain flowers like marigolds if you want something beautiful to look at and enjoy while naturally repelling these pesky insects. Some share that they tie together these herbs and even the stems and leaves from the marigolds, placing them in a bonfire or on a grill to keep mosquitoes away in the yard too.

Final Thoughts

Your garden should be a space that you can retreat to, harvest in peace, and enjoy working in. Unfortunately, sometimes mosquitoes can ruin the calm that comes with the time that you want to spend in your garden, especially when they bite. Prevent the growth of a mosquito population on your land by following tips such as planting lavender and citronella, getting rid of standing water, and installing a bat box. You can also, however, have professional mosquito control services that will provide a misting service and a fogging service on a monthly basis.