A cross-country road trip is a great idea for a family vacation this year as you get to explore new places. It is always important that you pack the right goods so that you are fully prepared. You can find a list below of 10 essentials that are imperative for your trip.

1. Map or GPS

Before you go on your cross-country road trip, you will likely plan out a route. A map is a great way to plan out your route. You can use GPS technology too, but these may not always have signals. Make sure that you do have some type of a GPS tracking system with you though so someone always knows your location, even if you rely on a physical map.

2. Phone Mount

If you decide to use the GPS on your phone, a phone mount can save you so much trouble on your trip. You can see if you are getting a call and follow the map without needing to divert your eyes from the road.

3. Aux Cord

When you are going on a cross-country trip, you will not know the radio stations of every town. The ride will also, from time to time, likely get boring. Avoid these problems by bringing along an aux cord so you can play your music selections or even listen to audiobooks and podcasts on the ride.

4. First Aid Kit

To veer off on the subject of digital technology, a first aid kit is so important for any trip. You can burn yourself while cooking, for instance, or fall and injure yourself when you are out on a hike. A first aid kit is perfect for taking care of the minor injuries you may experience.

5. Roadside Kit

You never know the types of injuries you will encounter, and you also never know what could happen to your vehicle. Tires can pop and batteries can die at a moment’s notice without giving you much of a warning. Make sure that you at least have basic tools like a spare tire, a set of jumper cables, a jack, a tire plug, and anything else you can think of.

6. Driver’s License

Even if you are not the primary driver, make sure that you bring your driver’s license on your road trip. Sometimes, the driver may want to take turns as they need to rest as well. Plus, if you are driving without one, you may get a ticket.

7. Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is just as important as your driver’s license when you get pulled over. This documentation proves that the vehicle belongs to you so that you are not questioned. Plus, it should be in your vehicle all of the time anyway.

8. Extra Keys

You could get locked out of your own vehicle at any time too if you are not paying attention. There is nothing worse than having to call a locksmith, which will ruin your vacation budget and will take up wasted time. Make sure there are always extra keys with you so that you can get back in your vehicle when you need to.

9. Water Bottles

When you are road tripping, it is important that you stay hydrated. Bring along reusable water bottles so that you lessen your carbon footprint and can satisfy the demands of thirst. Consider even a water bottle that is made to keep your drinks cold for long periods of time, especially if you are going into the desert or other warm locations.

10. Entertainment for the Children

When you are going on a cross-country road trip, you will be spending countless hours in the car. Your children, if you have any, are likely to complain when they start to become bored. Make sure they have plenty of options for entertainment including board games for the car, coloring books, and more.

Final Thoughts

Cross-country road trips are the perfect way to bond as a family and to experience the world around you. You can feel as if you are fully prepared for your trip by making sure to include the items above when you are packing for the journey.