When it comes to furnishing an office for staff members, hearing the word cubicle often brings on images of ugly partitions that lacked style and function. Believe it or not, cubicles seem to be making a comeback, but there is no reason to fear. Today’s options offer better designs that make workers feel more comfortable as they perform their work duties each day. 

History of the Cubicle

When office owners are purchasing furniture and creating setups for their workers, they often rely on cubicles and used office desks. Many people are surprised to learn cubicles have been around for a long time. They were invented in 1968. The president of Herman Miller Research Corporation was not happy with the modern design of office space. He felt the open design prevented worker motivation and reduced their creativity. 

He invented the cubicle system that is so loathed today. Eventually, the demand for cramming as many workers as possible into smaller spaces led to a greater demand for cubicles, which is when cubicle systems took over workplaces. 

Although cubicles come and go in office design schemes over the years, it seems they may be making a comeback. One of the primary reasons for their resurgence has been COVID 19. With social distancing now being the norm, offices have had to make massive changes to the layout of their buildings. Cubiclesprovide a workable solution that protects workers and allows them to remain on the job. 

What Are the Cubicle Changes?

Three-Wall Options

Thankfully, cubicle systems have changed in many ways and are more welcoming and comfortable than ever before. There are now more design options than in the past, so the humble cubicle is no longer reviled as it once was. The following offers information on some of these changes. 

Cubicles with only three walls offer expansive protection and privacy, without making an employee feel completely boxed in. Some manufacturers are creating clear walls that make employees feel less closeted.

Private Open Workshops

Workshops that have high clear walls and some degree of privacy are very much in demand right now. This type of workshop creates a solid barrier between workers, while still allowing light to filter through so the office space does not look so dark and depressing.

Modular Privacy Panels

There is also the option of modular privacy panels, which create walls around existing desks. These are a popular choice because they can easily be moved and rearranged as the office needs change. 

Dividers and Benching Tables

Benching tables with dividers are a great option for offices that do not want to have to completely overhaul their design scheme. This provides an affordable solution to ensure employees are socially distanced and protected, without bringing in large partitions. 


Yes, the dreaded cubicle is back, but it is now not so hated. With major design changes, these cubicles look more attractive and offer many more options in design. Office owners can even have their cubicle systems custom-made to meet their unique needs and those of their staff. 

When choosing a cubicle setup and design, it is important to research carefully and work with a dealer who can help with solutions for all types of office needs. Yes, cubicles do require some degree of employee separation, but in the age of killer viruses, this is something we likely will all need to grow accustomed to in offices.