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Gardens come to life in the summer. You spend hours upon hours in them, entertaining friends or relaxing with a cold drink and a book. Given how crucial they can be for wellbeing – as well as being a brilliant place for your children to play in safety – you must maintain your garden. Even better, you should feel empowered to completely transform your garden, making it suit your needs. As such, this brief guide is all about the big plans you may have for your garden – and how to achieve them.


Changing your garden shouldn’t just be about planting a few flowers and laying a few paving slabs. Instead, you can easily make it a completely different space – and you do this with the help of landscapers. These experienced garden transformers will be able to move your plant beds and create a different topology in your garden.

Many people who live in sunnier areas have a disused swimming pool that has, for years, been a blocker on what they think they can achieve with their outdoor space. However, these can be easily removed by experienced laborers. So, book your swimming pool removal to fill in your defunct pit, strewn with leaves, giving your garden a new lease of life. It’s remarkable what can be done with a little earth and some experienced hands, helping reshape any garden.


You don’t want your garden to be an urban smudge of grays and browns. You’re looking instead for some tasteful foliage and greenery – perhaps a tree or two for shade – so that you can feel immersed in nature each time you pop out of the back door. This will take a bit of thought and will probably entail some research online to help you come up with ideas.

What you’re after is a sense of balance, which creates a sense of calm tranquility in even the smallest of spaces. In Japan, miniature gardens are an art form in and of themselves, demonstrating the importance of layout and the insignificance of space in your garden setup. So get researching, view designer gardens online, and begin planning your planting to transform your outdoor space. 

Furniture and Decking

Finally, you need to decide to what level you want your garden to have man-made features. For example, decking by a back door or glass doors is a great addition for a garden in which you’d like to do some entertaining. Durable and stylish wooden garden furniture can equally sit on the grass, though that can cause damage and will inevitably get a little muddy after heavy rain.

If your garden’s small and you’re likely to enjoy it without guests, then a wrought iron table and chairs set may fit the bill – helping you relax with your morning coffee as the sun warms the air around you. And if you’re keen on building up a tan every summer, a deck chair or garden lounger is essential – helping you snooze under the sun’s rays in your new-look garden. 

Use these prompts to help you make the most out of your garden, using space, plants, and furniture to create your ideal outdoor space.