One problem DIY enthusiasts often run into is their budget. While tackling a new project is fun, it’s not always easy to find attractive and durable building supplies that are also affordable. Here are four fantastic ideas for finding high-quality materials the next time you’ve got a project that needs to stay under budget.

Local Businesses

Plenty of businesses and stores in your local area throw away materials you can use for your next DIY building project. Stopping by stores in your local area and just asking can be a great way to get your hands on many different items. For example, shipping companies often have piles of wooden pallets that they can’t use. Other companies might have reclaimed wood or used brick or metal that could be what you need.

Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist

There are many websites that you can use to find cheap or even free building supplies, but Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are good places to start. They are an easy way to connect with people in your area that are trying to get rid of excess materials. A child’s old bike could become the centerpiece of your new DIY masterpiece, or you could find the perfect piece of furniture. More traditional supplies like lumber are also often listed. Check out the “Free” category along with “Materials,” “Farm and Garden,” and “Household.”

Building Reuse Centers

While you may have never noticed them before, building reuse centers are a phenomenal place to find high-quality supplies. These are stores that specialize in selling donated or refurbished building materials and appliances. Charities, like Habitat for Humanity, run many of these centers. If you’re looking for objects like wall tile or doors, these can be a goldmine.

Estate or Yard Sales

So many people sell terrific building materials without knowing their true worth. Searching your local area for estate or yard sales is an effective way to find unique objects you can use for your next project. Old construction materials like roofing shingles and paints also abound at these sales and are typically much cheaper than they would be at a store.


While many DIYers look for used materials to repurpose, you can also find affordable and new building supplies by choosing the right professional supplier. Because they tend to cater to construction professionals who buy in bulk, they often have lower prices that better fit budgets. Depending on what you’re getting and how much of it you’re getting, you may even be able to cut a deal on supplies for your DIY project.

For people willing to put in a little time, it is relatively easy to find affordable building supplies without sacrificing quality. It helps to know what you’ll need for your project before going blindly through these different options. Not only will that help you determine the best price, but it will also ensure you spend your time efficiently. These four tips can help you save money  that you can then put toward your next DIY project.