If you are traveling to a new place or country, there is nothing better than a rideshare service. Rideshare apps are widely used among people because of their convenience, as you can book a ride from anywhere in the world with just a single click on your smartphone.

However, if adequate safeguards are not taken, ridesharing can become a negative experience. Moreover, when you’re in a foreign place with no known people around, the risk is multiplied. Below, we have mentioned some of the rideshare safety recommendations that will keep you safe and have a good time while utilizing a rideshare service in any place.

Share Your Trip With Anyone in Your Friends or Family

Don’t forget to share your trip with people when traveling alone, especially at night. It’s the simplest and fastest way for someone to follow your location if God forbid anything goes wrong during your ride. The individual with whom you share your trip will receive a notification through which they will be able to track your progress using GPS.

Before You Get In, Double-Check Your Driver and Vehicle

Sometimes there are certain scammers who pose as rideshare drivers as these cases have often been reported, so double-check the name of your rider, license plate before getting in, and compare the appearance of the driver to the picture in the app.

This will also prevent you from unintentionally taking somebody else’s ride if you’re being picked up in a busy area, such as a market. Moreover, rather than mentioning your name first, ask the driver the name through which the ride was booked before getting in the car. You can be certain that person is your driver if you do it this way.

Always Give Feedback and Comments

This step is often overlooked by most people, although it is essential for rideshare safety and a crucial step to do when your journey is over. After your trip, evaluate your driver and offer constructive feedback so that excellent drivers stay on the road and poor drivers get off.

Don’t Reveal Any Kind of Personal Information

It’s fine to make conversation with your driver, but make sure not to reveal any kind of personal information to him or her, such as how long you’ll be traveling, your phone number, where you live, or any other kind of delicate information.

Check the Ratings of the Driver

Passengers can rate the drivers on a scale of one to five stars on almost every ridesharing app. Don’t forget to double-check that other passengers had a good experience with your driver and what rating he got. It’s better if the rider got a rating of at least 5.0. However, ratings above 4.8 are generally good. Drivers whose ratings fall below a specific level are deactivated mainly by many rideshare companies.

Book Your Ride From Home

If possible, book your cab from inside to avoid waiting outside with your phone out, which could attract pickpockets or robbers.

Sit Wisely

If you’re going alone, the back seat is always the best option. It has been reported that many of the instances that occurred have happened to passengers traveling upfront. So, in order to stay safe, you should sit in the back. Furthermore, don’t sit directly behind the driver. Being in the back seat rather than directly behind the driver allows you to keep a better watch on the driver. However, each vehicle and situation is unique. Pick a place with easy access to the door.

It’s Better Not to Pay in Cash

Almost all ridesharing apps have an option that allows you to pay through the app. Try to avail of that option, as in this case; you won’t need to keep cash with you.

Inform the Driver that the Ride is Being Tracked

As a general safety rule when going out on your own, or even with friends, make sure someone knows where you are going. Always tell a friend or family member where you will be when you go out. If you can, also let them know what time you’ll be back. Make a phone call and let someone know you’re on your way to a particular place.

However, despite taking all the precautions, if you still get in an accident, then you should immediately contact an Albany rideshare accident lawyer who can help you in this situation.


Ridesharing apps are a convenient and safe way to travel rather than using a taxi. However, it still requires necessary precautions if you want to avoid any risks.