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With the world opening up, more and more of us are thinking about hosting parties. We want to boogie down like it’s 2019. 

But to pull off a great party, you need a theme. How you theme a party dictates how people approach it and what it feels like to be a part of it. In this post, we take a look at some of the themes that you can use to make guests pumped. 

Beach Party

If it is summer where you live, you might want to try your hand at a beach party. The idea here is for everyone to come dressed as if they are getting ready for spending a day on the sand. Swimming costumes, beach balls and ice cream are staples. You can also hire arcade machines to replicate the type of experiences that people get along the promenade. As for food, that very much depends on where you live. If you are in New England, then lobster should be on the menu. If you’re in Europe, then crepes or even “fish and chips” could be an option. 

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Retro party themes are great for people who want to relive their youth and effortlessly slip back into their party spirit. Going back in time can remind both you and your guests about all the fun that you used to have before adult life got so serious. (Remember, the days before the dreaded 9 to 5?)

How you approach a retro-themed party is very much up to you. For some, just playing music from the era is enough. However, you might want to take it further by specifying a particular dress theme. 

You can also enjoy retro themes that are now outside of living memory. For instance, you could have a 1920s-themed party where you dress up like people from the era and listen to big band music. 


With poker fast becoming one of the most popular games around, poker parties are becoming all the rage. Obviously, you will want to include casino games for party goers. But you should also set up poker tables and rooms for people who want to enjoy placing their bets. You could even host a Vegas-style poker night where everyone comes dressed as high rollers. 


Hawaii has a certain party theme about it anyway, so it is often a lot of fun to recreate the atmosphere of the islands at your events. How you do this is very much up to you. You’ll want people to come dressed in the obligatory Hawaiian shirts. But you can also provide local food too, such as coconut milk, poke, and lomi salmon if you are feeling adventurous. 


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If you’re a big Disney fan, you can also try a Disney theme. Guests won’t usually admit that they want to dress up like the Beast or Snow White, but many of them secretly do. 

When hosting a Disney-themed party, try to pick foods mentioned in the films. This way, you can enjoy a real-life version (perhaps for the first time!)

You can also really go to town with the costumes. Dressing up as Disney characters means that you can put on dresses that you would never wear to a regular event. 

Rock And Roll

If you remember the days of the mods and rockers, you might also want to pick a rock and roll-themed party. Here everyone can put on wigs and bring inflatable guitars with them while they strum to Motorhead and Def Leppard.

The era of rock and roll that you choose is entirely up to you. Grunge was virtually the only thing that happened in the 1990s, and so going back to the days of Nirvana and wearing black hoodies could be something you try. You can also eat like you’re a rock and roll star. Finger food was certainly a favorite in the past. 


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Hollywood parties are all about glitz and glamor with people dressing as luxe as they can. As part of the theme, you could book a limo to chauffeur people to the event. You could also upgrade your menu options, offering the kind of delicacies that you might find at a banquet in LA, such as caviar and luxurious seafood dishes. 

Ultimately, how you decide to theme your party is up to you. If you can, tailor the experience to your guests. Find options that they will love and put them in the mood to boogie. Pick venues that your guests can travel to easily and make sure that you have enough space.