An older-model water heater that may no longer be able to provide dependable performance can lead to all sorts of problems. From higher utility costs and frequent breakdowns to discolored water that may indicate your heater has begun to rust, being able to spot the signs that your existing heater may need to be replaced can make a real difference.

Not Enough Hot Water

Dealing with a heater that may be unable to produce enough hot water for your household can quickly become a major aggravation. Even if your existing heater is still in good shape, there is no guarantee that it will be able to meet your needs. Repairing, replacing, or even upgrading from your existing unit can allow you to enjoy greater comfort and superior convenience.

Higher Utility Costs

Water heaters and other appliances that may be long past their prime or that may be suffering from minor mechanical issues are rarely able to operate efficiently. Heaters that may need to work harder to provide the same level of performance you have come to expect can become very expensive. A sudden and unexplained increase in the cost of your monthly utility bills can be a strong indication that there is a problem with your existing heater.

Discolored Water

A rust-colored discharge is a common sign that a water heater has begun to rust. Discolored water can be unpleasant to drink and may even begin to cause problems when it comes to bathing or cleaning. If you have noticed a drop in water quality or an occasional discharge coming from the faucet, it may be time to arrange for a professional service provider like Mr Waterheater to inspect and assess the state of your heater.

Frequent Breakdowns

Major home appliances can be expensive and many property owners choose to make do with an older-model heater, even one that suffers from frequent breakdowns. While repairs are often cheaper than installing a new unit, there is a point where they may no longer be a cost-effective option. Dealing with an older heater that requires constant maintenance and frequent repairs could be costing you more than you might realize.

Investing in a new water heater that will be able to provide superior performance, output and dependability can be very worthwhile. Being able to identify the signs that your current heater may be nearing the end of its operational life could spare you from having to deal with higher repair and utility costs.