There always seems to be something needing attention at home despite your best efforts to stay organized. The kids might have a mud puddle jumping fest, or the dog may come indoors loaded with fleas. While it is a good idea to expect the unexpected, here are a few tips to help keep your home running as smoothly as possible.

Maintain Household Appliances

When essential home appliances break down, have them repaired or replaced quickly. Everyone needs clean clothes frequently, so schedule an appointment for washer and dryer repair when needed. Trying to hand wash your laundry or hanging it up to dry inside will likely lead to wrinkled clothing and require extra time and effort. Fix the clogged sink or the backed-up toilet promptly to save time and avoid frustration. Routine checkups and maintenance can help to head off major appliance issues.

Keep up With the Small Messes

It might be tempting to walk around the food spills and growing mountains of laundry after the kids’ water balloon fight, especially if you are tired or busy. But you will be glad later if you tackle those current distractions now instead of waiting. Spend a few minutes in each room dealing with any immediate problems. Wipe crumbs off the kitchen countertop as you pass through. Run the dustmop over the wood floors after dinner to pick up any food spills. Sort the stacked daily mail to dispose of advertisements and to organize bills or important items. Tackling small inconveniences or must-do tasks will get them out of the way.

Organize Each Room for Basic Tidiness

Arrange storage areas for things belonging to each room. For example, set up a DVD rack or storage shelf for your favorite movies. Have everyone leave their shoes in the same place rather than scattered throughout the house. Keep a toybox in the kids’ rooms for their playthings. Store cleaning and grooming supplies close to the rooms where they will be used, and reorganize cupboard shelves to optimize storage space.

Delegate Chores to Family Members

Share the workload of keeping the home tidy with others. Even children can handle age-specific tasks like hanging up their washcloth or towel or making their bed each morning. Washing dishes, vacuuming the carpets, and folding laundry can help to keep the home neat, clean, and uncluttered. Children can be taught to pick up after themselves and put their toys away at the end of the day.

Try tips like these to make home life run more smoothly. With everyone pitching in a little at a time, your home can be the comfortable haven that everyone needs.