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Adverts are the easiest way to monetize a website. There is a lot of empty space on your site and businesses are willing to pay good money to use it. Some businesses, like online publications, make the majority of their income from ads. But if you are a business with other revenue streams, you can still boost your income by including some relevant ads on your site. However, there is an almost endless choice of sites for people to advertise on, so why should they choose yours? 

Getting more advertisers on your site can be more difficult than you think, especially if you want big businesses that are willing to pay a lot of money for ads. Initially, you will probably start with smaller companies but there are some simple things you can do if you want to land bigger companies and increase your revenue. Here’s how you can sell more advertising space on your website. 

Focus On Building Your Following First

Before you start approaching businesses about advertising on your site, you need to build a strong following. If you run an online publication that gets 20 hits a day, it’s unlikely that people will be willing to pay for ad space. Companies need to know that they are going to get a good return on their investment, which means they are looking to advertise on sites with a large audience. So, before you do anything else, focus on building a popular website with a lot of traffic. If you can demonstrate to potential advertisers that your website gets a lot of traffic, it’s worth their while putting their ads on the site and you can charge a much higher rate for it. 

Display Ads Well

This seems like a no-brainer but a lot of websites don’t put much thought into the way that they display ads on their websites. If you use a good video player for publishers that displays ads seamlessly on the site in locations where they are likely to be spotted, people will want to advertise with you. But if you stick ads at the bottom of the page or out of the way where they won’t be seen, people will be less likely to want to work with you. So, think carefully about how you display your ads and make them part of the website design. 

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Use Google AdSense 

If you want a simple way to get more ads on your site, Google AdSense is ideal. It places targeted ads on your site down the sidebar and they are paid for by businesses that are using Google’s paid ads. The benefit of doing this is that you don’t need to worry about contacting businesses directly and convincing them to advertise with you. You earn money every time somebody clicks an ad and they will be related to your site content. This is a huge bonus because people will be less likely to find the ads intrusive and annoying if they are actually interested in the products being advertised. 

Use these simple methods to get more ads on your website and you can drastically boost your revenue. 

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