The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen many business activities deteriorate. Sales have gone down as well as the revenues. As a result, some business ventures are closing down their operations for good.

Business conferences have also been hard to conduct due to laws that discourage crowding. The fear of the unknown has halted networking opportunities for many. As a result, people have turned to alternative ways to ensure successful business conferences.

In the year 2021, the surviving businesses have opted to take their activities online. This move favors the regulations of the pandemic and seems to be efficient. The conferencing world is also implementing changes to ensure you continue to benefit.

Some of the changes in business conferencing in 2021 include:

1. Virtual Conferencing

As you have noticed, there has been an increase in meetings through online platforms. Businesses are now offering you a chance to network with others through your phone. These meetings are here to stay and will continue to provide you quality services.

Various Platforms are working to ensure your networking journey is free of obstacles. Connex Intl is a good example that offers you top-notch services for your needs. With new and improved services, they can help you save on your money and time.

Some of the services that these platforms can offer you include:


If you failed to take notes, you could access written materials for past presentations. The service allows you to focus on the conversation and the meeting. As a result, you can easily retrieve any information that you missed.

Profile Personalisation

Personalizing your profile can be beneficial to gain trust from other people. You are also able to brand yourself and increase the impact of your business.


The platforms will also offer you videos of missed business conferences. With the archive of videos, you can download and review them at your convenient time. The records ensure that you do not miss any information that might be crucial.

Event Assistance

The platforms also offer you help if you are not familiar with conducting webinars. These services ensure good delivery and impact on your intended audience.

These services have resulted in the rise of fee-oriented video conference platforms. Other benefits you can realize from virtual conferences include:

  • It helps you save on transport and accommodation fees.
  • You can connect will all employees and express your ideas perfectly.
  • It saves you much time.
  • It can help create personal connections.
  • Increase engagement and contribution.

2. Hybrid Conferences

According to Changes For Events, hybrid conferences can offer you face-to-face interactions. They also incorporate a larger audience in their online platform. Depending on your preference, these events will give you options to consider on how to attend. 

Event planners will also have an easy time taking necessary crowding precautions. The event planners will have the ability to limit the number of physical attendees. If you are lucky enough, you can get shortlisted to attend face-to-face meetings.

3. Small-in Events

You also expect the rise of events that need a limited number of attendees. First of all, a smaller audience is much easier to work with and control. Secondly, limited numbers will ensure observing all government protocols and the Covid-19 regulations.

As a result, for you to access such events, an invite or a referral is vital. By attending the event, the event planners can easily observe the social distance.

Due to reduced movements, you might be more likely inclined to cease attending the events. This decision will face other possible attendees too. As a result, there will be a reduced number of people willing to attend conferences.

4. Outdoor and Local Events

If your priority is health and safety, you will find local events safer. The concern of the spreading Covid-19 virus will see people opt to conduct more local events. Since traveling may put you at risk, you will organize or attend business conferences that are only close to you.

Outdoor events also help you avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus compared to indoor events. There will be an observed rise in outdoor events to combat the spread of the virus.

Avoiding crowds is one of the ways to help minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As a result, online platforms can be a very good option if you plan to attend a business conference. If you plan to attend actual meetings, then observe the regulations to combat the virus.