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When you stop and think about it, you’ll see that your body is an incredible thing. Every day, you breathe, eat, think and move. This is because your systems are all working with one another. Most of the time, your body is a well-oiled machine. If you don’t feel as though your body is working as well as it could be lately then now is the time for you to do something about that.

Your Eyes are Dry

There are many reasons why you might have dry eyes. It may be that you stare at your computer all day, or that you have a health problem. Certain syndromes can cause inflammation in your glands, meaning that you have a low tear production as well as constant, dry eyes. Either way, if you want to do something about this, then you need to try and contact your doctor. If you do, then you will soon see that it’s more than possible for you to start taking better care of yourself.


If you have white patches in your mouth then this could be leucoplakia. This often presents itself in those who smoke tobacco. If you do not get this treated, then you may find that it turns into mouth cancer. If you have this accompanied by toothache then you really do need to get this checked out by your dentist.

You Feel Cold

Do you feel as though you are constantly looking for another sweatshirt or a blanket? If you have a low level of thyroid production, then this can lead you to feeling cold. This is because your cells are slowing down, and they are burning less energy. This results in your body producing way less heat. You may find yourself reaching for a jumper even though everyone else is quite happy with the temperature. You may also find that your body is just not able to stay warm even when you have all of the radiators on. Either way, if this sounds like you then you need to get checked out by a doctor.

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Your Dreams are Intense

Your dreams may not seem important to you, but they really are. If you have intense or vivid dreams that you act out in your sleep then this can be a sign that you are developing Parkinson’s disease. It can be a very, very early sign as well, so if you don’t feel as though you have any other symptoms then it is a good idea for you to visit your doctor. You may also want to find out what other symptoms there are so you can get yourself checked out on a regular basis.

Your Fingers Change Color

If your fingers change color when they are exposed to colder temperatures, or if they turn white when everyone else is fine then this can be an early sign of Raynaud’s disease. This discoloration happens when the arteries that supply blood to the skin become too narrow. This can cause your fingers to feel numb, until you warm up. If you want to put an end to this issue, then you need to try and talk with your doctor if possible.

You have Brain Fog

If you have been feeling tired, spacey or just forgetful then this could be a sign that you have hypothyroidism. These symptoms tend to happen when your glands are underactive or when they are not producing anywhere near enough of the hormones required by your body.

You Feel Bloated

Bloating can happen because you have eaten something that doesn’t quite agree with you. That being said, it can also be a sign of something far more serious. One of the main symptoms of bloating is ovarian cancer. This happens because you have a build-up of fluid in your abdominal cavity. If you know that you are at risk then it’s possible for you to undergo regular check-ups so that you can catch it before it develops too much.

You have a Puffy Face

If you feel as though your face is puffy then you need to make sure that you talk with your doctor. If you have a puffy face, then you may be experiencing hypothyroidism. You may also find that you have thinning hair as well as muscle weakness. This all happens because your body is not producing enough hormones. This can lead to serious issues if you do not get it treated. You may find that you experience infertility or even heart disease.

Your Hearing is Going

If you believe that your hearing is going then you need to make sure that you undergo a hearing evaluation. It may be that the job you have is harming your health or that you are simply not using the right protection. On the flip side, your music may be on too loud. If you damage your hearing then you may find that in some instances, it becomes permanent. For this reason, you need to do your bit to make sure that you get it checked out as soon as possible.

You’re Losing your Hair

Millions of people experience things like hair loss every year. If you find that it is beginning suddenly then you may find that you have an illness. Two possible conditions include anemia and thyroid disease. Both of these can cause you to experience hair loss if you do not have it treated. If you happen to get it treated, then you may find that it can actually be reversed.

You’re Losing Weight

For some, the mere idea of losing weight without putting any effort in can sound like a dream come true. When you find that it happens in reality though, it can be a sign that something just isn’t quite right. It may be that you have stomach cancer, for example. This is a direct result of the disease, so if you are losing weight without even trying or if you feel as though things aren’t quite right with yourself then you need to try and get this checked out.