Summer is upon us, and it is time to hit the beaches. To look good in your swimsuit on the beach, you will want to look muscular. To look muscular, you will need to put on actual muscle. This process of putting on muscle is rather simple, but it takes time. So, to start your muscle-building journey, you must start now. Here are some tips on ways you can build muscle to look good on the beach.

Eat In a Caloric Surplus

Eating in a caloric surplus means that you will be eating more calories than you burn in a day. This will lead to weight gain since you are taking in more calories than you are burning. However, this weight gain can come in one of two ways. The first way this weight can be put on is with fat, this will happen if you are not eating well and not working out. The second way is with muscle. If you are eating healthy and working out religiously, then you will see yourself put a good amount of muscle on.

You can put muscle on by eating at a maintenance level of calories, but it will take much longer to do so. Also, if you are set on eating at a caloric deficit, you may lose some muscle mass due to the lack of calories and vast amounts of cardio.


This is simple, but in order to build muscle, you need to work out. Weightlifting is the most efficient way to put on muscle, but there are other ways. You can build muscle by doing bodyweight exercises such as pushups and sit-ups, but this muscle will take much longer to develop. Also, by only doing pushups and sit-ups you will be building a leaner more conditioned muscle.

If you are not familiar with weightlifting it is alright to start slowly because beginning weightlifters will put on a lot of muscle in a short amount of time. That is just because of the exposure to a new stimulus. If you are an experienced lifter, try training in ways that you have not trained before to shock your muscles and nervous system.

Supplement Your Workouts with Protein

Protein is the key to gaining muscle. You can work out all you want, but if you are not consuming ample amounts of protein, it is all wasted. Ideally, you would want to get all your protein through your diet and natural foods. However, this can be tough and there are supplements that are made to assist you in consuming the proper amount of protein each day.

These protein supplements include protein powders. There is one protein powder called iso protein powder that is a whey protein. These protein powders can come in many different flavors, and it is important that you pick a flavor that you like because you will be taking it almost every day.

Allow Ample Rest Time

Allowing ample time for rest in between sets, and in between workouts, is key. To get your maximum effort out of your muscles you will need them to be well-rested. This means that you may only want to work out a muscle group once or twice a week. Also, in between sets you should allow enough time because you do not want to burn out the muscle early on in your workout.

The key to building muscle is constantly working out. If you work out the same body part five times a week, then you are risking injury. If you get injured, then you are not able to work out which will prevent you from gaining muscle mass.


All these tips are helpful in the process of building muscle, but you must remember that it is a process. Expecting to see muscle gains days after working out is unrealistic. You must be dedicated to working out for weeks to months at a time to see real muscle gains. While this may be discouraging, the best things are worth working for, and getting your goal physique is something worth working for.