Summer is upon us. With summer comes summer vacation. Your kids will be off from school for a couple of months and will be looking for things to do. They will be off playing with their friends a lot, but it is essential to keep them out of trouble when they are at home. 

Getting them into some cool/unique hobbies over the summer is a great way to keep them out of trouble. Here are three unique hobbies that you can get your kids into this summer.

Start A Home Business

Kids learn a lot during the school year. When kids start summer vacation, they want to relax and take a break from learning. While it is good to give your kids a break, you can teach them lessons they would not learn in school. Finding a way to turn one of your kid’s pre-existing hobbies into a home business can teach them many lessons. They can learn about having an excellent work ethic and managing money.

If your child is very creative and likes to make little crafts, you can teach them how to turn their crafts into a business. Many platforms are used to sell homemade items. These platforms include Etsy and eBay. Creating a homemade business will teach your child to value hard work, and it will allow your child to make some money off their passion.

Your child’s money makes off their passion for making crafts can teach them how to save their money. It will also teach them the value of a dollar. This business does not have to be solely a summer operation. You can show your child time management skills by having them operate their business on top of their school homework.

Start Making Home Videos

Making home videos is always something fun to do. There are many different types of videos that you can make with your child. Whether it is playing sports in the backyard or playing video games with your child, you can make a wide array of videos.

If you would like, you can also create a YouTube channel that you and your child make videos for and post them. To build off the first idea, you can turn these videos into a business. YouTube has become very lucrative for those who can build successful channels. If you create a YouTube channel, your child might be able to learn some things about video production, depending on how old they are.

They can learn how to edit videos. Video editing can open many different avenues along the way. There are thousands of creators on YouTube who need video editors to help them create their videos. Also, depending on what career path your child ends up picking, video editing could be a handy skill to have.

Create A Collection

Collecting things has become popular again. Many years ago, sports card collecting was popular, but the interest in the hobby had faded over the years. However, over the pandemic, the interest in the hobby was reinvigorated, and it led to all kinds of collections becoming popular.

In addition to collecting cards, you can collect things such as pins. Thousands of pins exist, and they can remind you of fun memories or trips you took over your lifetime. However, it can be difficult to keep your pins organize once your collection gets large enough. The website Hobbymaster has many different types of cases. It has one pin collector case that allows you to keep track of your pins and display them to those who visit your home. You can hang them on your wall for guests to look at and admire.


All three of these unique hobbies can be done with your kids. Some of these hobbies may require more help than others, but it allows you to spend quality time with your kids. You can get your kids into many other hobbies, but your kids must have fun and enjoy their summer vacation.