Congratulations on landing your first job! Commencing your first job is exciting but can also be a nerve-wracking experience. As thorough as college may be, no college course makes you ready for your first job experience. We all have one “first” that starts with “never done this before.” But, even the smallest of things makes a huge difference between a star new employee or a nervous disaster. What should you do at your first job? Consider these fantastic tips as you scale greater heights.

1) Maintain Your Brand

During the interview process, right after stepping your foot in the office, you represent your brand and yourself. Now that you are starting your first day as an employee, don’t compromise the importance of first impressions. The first 90 days at your job are like an extension of the interview. Therefore, you should utilize every interaction moment to showcase that you are a respectful, diligent, and professional worker. Also, you should prove to your colleagues that you are someone who spends a whopping eight hours of the day with is enjoyable.

From your first departmental meeting, a conversation with your manager, to the company’s first happy hour, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow your career path. Put your foot forward in a positive light.

2) Frequently Ask Questions

There’s so much to learn as a new employee- from the organization’s functionality to be effective in your job. Whenever you need clarification, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking for information and handling things the right way is way better than being roughed up for doing the wrong thing. You aren’t a pro yet at your new job, and it’s normal if you lack some bits of information right away.

Nevertheless, demonstrate initiative by conducting your research. Take your time to be well versed with the organization and your position lest you start being interpreted as not understanding. Whenever you ask a question, be keen enough so as not to ask a similar question repeatedly.

3) Create Good Time Management Skills From the Word Go

When starting in the corporate world, in no time, you will have loads of work. If you do not have a perfect plan to address your work and personal life, you might get overwhelmed. Among the typical time management techniques are time allocation for each task, a list of tasks to be handled daily, and setting priorities. If the workload is piling up, don’t hesitate to request your manager to help you set priorities.

4) Wisely Choose Your Work Battles

You will come to bump into people from all walks of life in the work world. In turn, there will be plenty of concerns, difficulties, and frustrations. To maintain your productivity and sanity at par, understand the challenges you can overlook and move on versus those that need attention.

5) Mind Your Own Business

Most employees taint their reputation by trying to be part of matters that least concern them. Work environments may be full of gossip, cliques, and ‘frenemies,’ all of which a wise person should avoid. As a worker, concentrate on your work unless your position requires you to monitor others. After working hours, fold your gadgets and nicely store them in your leather MacBook cases and head home.

If someone is violating your work environment with actions like bullying or harassment or engages in unethical behavior, always raise a concern to your supervisor.

6) Set Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are vital in regards to any work environment. Limits will dictate what is acceptable or unacceptable to you in the workplace. This includes the number of hours you will be working, how late you can work, and how personal you can let your work relationships look. Once everything is laid down, your work experience will be very flawless.

7) Focus on the Small Things

Doing the small things right during your first couple of years is essential. Attention to detail and being thorough in small tasks is your stepping stone to greater responsibilities. Go over your work more than once if you have to, proofread that email and double-check formulas in the excel sheet. Keep off mistakes that will be attributed to carelessness or oversight.

Beyond these tips, be you and give that first job your best shot, since there won’t be another first! Remember, you were hired because you were the best fit. So, aim to bring the best version of yourself as you climb up your career ladder. 

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