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Summer is crawling ever closer, and for many of the world’s most impatient gardeners, the glorious weather cannot come soon enough. 

This will likely sound familiar if you have spent far too much time gazing out of the window at all the possible locations in which to plant new flowers. There is not long left to wait now, so it might be worth preparing a checklist of essential garden equipment.

In order to make sure that you can get back to the great outdoors, or the great backyard at least, here are a few ideas for the DIY enthusiasts among you. 

A Riding Mower

A beautiful lawn with a shimmering sheen is certainly something to show off about. It can be a nightmare to keep on top of, however, particularly with an outdated mower and a distinct lack of time. 

If you want to keep your lawn looking as luscious as possible, but not have to commit too much of your precious time to it, it might be time to check out a quality commercial lawn mower

Cutting grass will never be the same again after investing in a riding mower, as it allows you the precision, mobility and quality of a great mowing session, all from a comfortable seated position. 

The Trowel

A hand trowel is a gardening staple. Without one, planting delicate flowers with precision and care can be a stress-inducing endeavor. 

It is worth searching far and wide for the ideal trowel, as it will likely be one of your closest inanimate companions in many of your gardening efforts. 

Stainless steel versions are usually more durable, which might be useful if you need it to dig up weeds and cut through roots on a regular basis. 

A Wheelbarrow

Gardening often requires a huge amount of removal, particularly when digging up whole flowerbeds, deadheading plants or sheering back shrubbery. 

A wheelbarrow is a must-have for anyone interesting in not wasting too much time on moving foliage. There are many varieties to choose from, depending on what you plan on using them for. For example, the models with two wheels instead of the traditional one might be useful for anyone who struggles with their strength. 

Electric Hedge Trimmers

While the classic sheers can definitely get the job done, and they are handy to have around, an electric hedge trimmer is still the big time-saver that suits many DIY gardeners. 

They are a must-have for those of you who have any hedges they wish to make beautiful shapes out of, or anyone who generally wants a little more precision in their gardening. 

A Leaf Blower

Raking away the fallen leaves might provide a picturesque scene on an autumn day, but the task can take a huge amount of time to get done properly, and it tends to take its physical toll after a while. 

A leaf blower is a good answer to this, and it is not only useful in the autumn months. You can use it to blow away excess dirt and fallen cuttings that result from your gardening efforts, no matter the season.