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Keeping your family safe on the road ought to be your utmost priority. That’s the first thing you should have in mind before leaving your home. It’s the beginning of reducing unintentional deaths due to vehicle accidents.

Want to know how to keep your family safe on the road? Well, the following 7 tips are pretty essential.

Plan for a Tune-Up

Before hitting, you should carry out preliminary safety inspections on your vehicle before hitting the road. Check the wiper blades, tire pressure, lights, air conditioning system, and fluid levels.

Performing regular vehicle maintenance is also vital. It helps keep the vehicle in good form and reduces breakdowns. More importantly, it will give you peace of mind if your family is ready for the next road trip.

Get Ready for a Roadside Emergency

A lengthy family road trip may result in an emergency breakdown. Therefore, ensure you are ready to tackle a roadside emergency. Equip your automobile with an emergency kit and essential contact details.

Contact your vehicle manufacturer or auto insurance carrier and see if they provide roadside help. And always remember to have your insurance company details in your vehicle. This will make it easier for you to fill in the California accident report lookup and make a claim for the damaged vehicle.

Buckle Up

Get yourself and your family members buckled up correctly before starting the journey. If you have children, be sure to use children’s safety seats and booster seats where necessary. Plus, make sure you keep them buckled as the vehicle moves.

Children aged below 13 should sit at the car’s back seat. And don’t leave them unattended as the vehicle can quickly heat up during warmer weather. This may put your little one or pet in danger.

If it’s a must for your kid to ride in the front seat, switch off the airbag. Buckling up can also help save a life in case of an auto accident. So, don’t take this lightly.

Wear a Helmet

Whether you’re cycling or biking alone or with your family, always wear a helmet. A significant number of cyclists die every year in vehicle crashes. In such a case, a head injury can result in severe damage to the brain.

Putting on a helmet ultimately reduces the chances of head injury by 85%. Additionally, set and enforce stringent rules for your kids. For instance, restrict them from biking without a helmet. Be a role model to your kids by putting on a helmet when cycling or biking.

Never Drink and Drive

About 40% of deaths caused by auto accidents involve drunk adult drivers. Out of the total drunk-driving deaths, more than 60% comprises children riding inside the drunk driver’s vehicle.

It is therefore advisable not to drive while drunk. And if you intend to drink while on a family road trip, make sure you assign a non-alcohol drinker the driving task. Alternatively, contact a taxi.

Avoid Distractions

Be a good example to your family; don’t ever drive while distracted. According to reports, 3166 people died in 2017 due to accidents linked to driving while distracted.

Although a family trip may cause a distraction to the driver, it is essential to keep your eyes strictly on the road. If it’s a must to look at your phone for whatever reason, make sure you pull over to a safer spot.

Let your passengers know the importance of distracting the driver while on the steering wheel. This may also apply to drowsy driving, which is dangerous too. So, get enough sleep the night before going on the road trip.

Switching driving roles can also be beneficial. If possible, make sure you stop and rest for several hours before continuing with the journey.

Share the Road

Warm sunny weather often attracts all kinds of vehicles to the road. So, it would be best if you remembered that you’re not the only one on the road. Check out bicycles and motorcycles when driving.

They boast similar rights to road use you though their small sizes make them more susceptible to danger. More importantly, allow some extra distance from the next automobile and watch out for your environs keenly before turning.

Road trips usually provide a great way to spend valuable time with your family. It involves exploring the world and interact with new things together. So, make sure you master the above safety tips while on the road for your next family trip.