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One of the most important things to remember about your business is the fact that you need a safety plan. Safety isn’t just about shutting the metal doors and keeping out the bad guys, but it’s in everything that you can do to ensure that your customers feel confident when they are walking around your store. Safety and security should be a priority for your business all year around, and whether you have been open for a while or you’re just about to start opening up, you have to think about the ways you can make your employees and customers as safe as possible. 

You want to know that your safety and security policies can make a big difference to the people coming in and out of your business, from the resin floors in retail to the CCTV you invest in. There will be points through the year where you have more customers than usual flooding through the doors, and safety is even more important in these times than the day to day business you have. The good news is that with the proper steps, you can make your business the safest possible.

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  1. Carry out regular checks. If you want to know that your store is a safe store for people to be in, you need to do your due diligence and check the space over regularly. Your safety reviews of your business should be done weekly, and risk assessments have to be considered very regularly, too. Your business will have insurance to back you up, but you don’t want people claiming on your insurance!
  2. Keep the crowd levels low. If you want to avoid any safety issues in your business, you should consider making sure that you limit the number of people who come in and out of the business. Crafting a crowd management plan will ensure that you are on top of everything. Start with mapping out your store and knowing where the issues are, and then you can keep on top of those issues.
  3. Invest some of your budget into anti-theft. From ink splash money to cameras, mirrors and plenty of warning signage to show that you take business security seriously, you can make your business a less appealing place for people to thieve from. You could even have a security guard on patrol if you are nervous.
  4. Remember that not all theft is external. Some theft cases come from inside the walls of a business, and that’s where you need to do more to ensure that your internal security procedures are up to scratch. To do this, you can consider password protecting certain information and not sharing that password with those who don’t need to know it. You can also ensure that your employees are aware of consequences to actions if they decide to dip a hand in the register.

Your store needs to remain a slip-free, secure zone and you can do that with the tips above. Take the time to review your current policies and you’re good to go!